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Tips for Staying Healthy and Safe from illness during Changing Seasons

We all love the change in weather as it brings along loads of excitement, thrill and memories to cherish. But, the same transition messes up with your health and makes you vulnerable to various ailments and leaves you fatigued. So, as the new season sets in, you start enjoying less and worrying more about the viral fever, nasal congestion, joint pain, cold and sore throat.

Yes, we know that those anti-fever, over-the-counter medicines are available, but we suggest you to shield yourself. After all, prevention is better than cure. Try these tips which are natural and quick enough to boost your immunity system and survive the seasonal shift.

1. Stay hygienic

Hygiene comes as your first line of defence against common cold, cough and flu. Dirty hands pick up germs, filth and pollution, which make it easier for the viruses to attack your system. So, practising good hygiene habits like washing hands at intervals and using hanky while sneezing help you keep viral infections, germs and allergies at bay. You can also use face masks or cover your nose to keep air pollutants away. Don’t forget to cover your mouth in high pollution areas like construction sites, bus stops, etc.

2. Bank on vitamin C

High in anti-oxidants, vitamin C acts like a magic trick to help you adapt with the weather change. vitamin C keeps your immune system strong and as per the studies, it also reduces the cold symptoms to an extent. So, it is best to include vitamin C rich food in your diet. Fruits like oranges, kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit and veggies such as sweet potatoes, broccoli and red bell pepper can efficiently fight off any bug that makes you sick.

3. Steam inhalation

This is one of the easiest health care tips for a weather-related ailment. The steam remedy not only clears up your stuffy respiratory tract but also soothes your scratchy throat. The heat inside the body helps in increasing the production of white blood cells, which in turn leads to a stronger resistance against bacteria and germs. You may add eucalyptus oil to the hot water bowl. Make sure you do the process in a safe way and steam your troubles away.

4. Don’t sweat it out

No doubt, exercises do help in making you fit and strong but not when you are sick and unhealthy. During illness, your body might not adapt to the additional stress. So, when there are fever symptoms, you should take it easy and have some rest instead, as your body is already under stress. Avoid going to the gym and doing heavy exercises at the first sign of sickness. Working out leaves you more prone to falling ill as it breaks your immune system, and puts additional burden on your body.

5. Proper sleep

A good sleep is the key to maintaining good health. When you allow your body to relax and take complete rest, it recharges your nervous system and allows your immune system to function more effectively. Having ample energy, you are prepared enough to handle stress or illness coming your way. You will only make your body worse by not taking adequate sleep.

6. Better diet A healthy and powerful meal always plays a preventive role in reducing the severity of illness and its symptoms. Consumption of raw-food diet (fresh fruits and semi-boiled veggies) helps you do well during the changing weather cycle. Go for a cleansing diet that boosts and clears your system of toxins and viruses. Raisins, red bell peppers, dry fruits, pumpkin, ginger and broccoli are amongst the few useful food items to fight diseases.

7. Ayurvedic remedies

There are a few Indian herbs, which are known to have pain-relieving benefits and are perfect for prevention against illness. You can put 2-3 whole cloves in your mouth and suck on them till they fall apart. It will kick away the cold within hours of consumption. Another home remedy to try is ginger, which is anti-inflammatory and great for fever, dull appetite and indigestion. Having ginger juice clears out toxins which often accompanies fever. You can also blend other herbs like tulsi and turmeric along with ginger to prepare a tea to fight nausea, flu, chills and body ache.

8. Have fluids

Liquids, mainly water, are very important to tackle the seasonal changes and fever. They make your throat moist and help break up congestion. By hydrating your organs, they help flush out more toxins which actually weaken your system and make you fall sick. So, maintain proper hydration through water, herbal drinks, juices and other fresh fruit drinks and prevent your body from fatigue.

9. Turmeric powder

Stop cursing the weather and just embrace the good ol’ haldi doodh and save yourself from those irritating sniffles and cold. Or, you can simply add turmeric powder along with ginger powder and a teaspoon of honey to warm water and have it. This will not only help in curing cough but will also relieve the body from pain and cold.

These are just a few effective tips for you to brave the changing weather. These natural remedies not only prevent you from falling sick, but also make you strong enough to adapt to the new weather and temperature changes.

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