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Reduce Heart Disease risks!

Updated: May 13

Heart disease is the leading cause of death.

And high blood pressure is the number 1 risk factor for heart disease.

Here's why hypertension is so dangerous and 4 ways you can reverse it:

1) Heart Disease

Hypertension is the cause of 50% of heart disease.

Shearing forces on blood vessel walls lead to plaque buildup and can eventually cause a heart attack.

Meanwhile the heart works harder to pump causing it to enlarge, risking heart failure.

2) Kidney disease

Small vessels in the kidneys are easily damaged by hypertension. This reduces renal function over time and leads to kidney failure.

Poor kidney function causes more fluid retention and creates a lethal feedback loop eventually leading to heart failure.

3) Stroke

The arteries in your brain experience similar damage. The risk for vascular dementia also grows.

Eventually plaque builds up to cut off blood supply or pieces break off and lodge as a clot.

So what do we do about it?

👉🏻 Solution 1) Improve metabolic health

Excess insulin causes reabsorption of sodium, which leads to salt sensitivities and hypertension.

Cutting salt doesn’t address the root cause. Reversing insulin resistance is done through adding muscle, losing fat and increasing activity.

👉🏻 Solution 2) Cardiovascular training

Don’t do cardio to burn calories. Do it for your heart health. Do 80% of your cardio at low levels and occasionally mix in higher intensities.

A stronger heart pumps more blood with less effort which means less pressure on your arteries.

👉🏻 Solution 3) Nervous system regulation

Your sympathetic nervous system is responsible for “fight or flight." This constricts blood vessels and raises blood pressure.

Turn down your sympathetic system:

-take deep breathes

-reduce stress and caffeine

-reset your circadian rhythm

👉🏻 Solution 4) Electrolyte balance

You've been told to lower your salt intake. But potassium is responsible for dilating your blood vessels which helps lower blood pressure.

Some of the best sources of potassium:

  • coconut water

  • potatoes

  • meat

PS- High blood pressure is an inflammatory process due to a combination of stress, metabolic health, cardiovascular conditioning, and electrolyte balance.

Addressing the root cause is always better than masking the symptoms.

Don't wait until it's too late to make a change!

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