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This 7 Day Detox diet plan is a healthy way to Lose Weight

Detoxification is a great way to move towards good health. It is important because toxins in the body are the major culprits that are slowing down your body’s regular functioning. When you detoxify, you shield your body against chronic diseases as well as boost your weight loss goals. All you have to do is simply watch what you eat for a week. If you are up for this, here's a 7-day detox plan for a healthy weight loss.

Why go for 7 Day Detox Plan?

Here are a few benefits that this detoxification plan offers:

  • Helps in weight loss.

  • Encourages a healthy change in your food habits.

  • Boosts your confidence about adopting a healthy lifestyle.

  • Regulates your body’s functioning by managing blood pressure and sugar levels.

Let's get started!

Day 1 - Fruity indulgence

Begin with fruits. Include a variety of fruits in your diet with an exception of banana. The vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in fruits play a major role in detoxification. They are low in calories and fat. Also, fruits are a great way to prepare your body for the coming days of detox plan.

Day 2 - All about veggies

The second day is for veggies. You can include all vegetables, but have them raw, steamed, boiled, or slightly stir-fried. Have a boiled potato for breakfast, which will provide your body with much needed energy. But, refrain from eating this vegetable at any other time of the day. To add flavours to your veggies, add a lot of herbs, garlic and onion in them. Vegetables provide your body with essential nutrients, fibre and carbohydrates.

Day 3 - Fruity veggie delight

Have a mixture of fruits and vegetables, but stay away from bananas and potatoes, they are an absolute no-no. This will help your body to get complete natural nutrition. Start your day with some fruits and have some light salads and stir-fried veggies for the rest of the day.

Day 4 - Banana punch

If you love bananas, you will love this day. You can have only bananas and milk today. You must eat at least 8 small bananas with 3 glasses of toned milk. A bowl of vegetable soup is recommended so that your stomach feels satiated. This day will help you to replenish the essential carbohydrates, potassium, fibre and calcium needs of your body.

Day 5 - Protein time

On this day, you can take a break from fruits and vegetables. Idlis or chapattis without oil or ghee can replace rice, depending on your preference. You must also eat upto 6 raw tomatoes on the fifth day. Remember this day is about adding proteins to your body. Non-vegetarians can also add some meat or fish to their meal today.

Day 6 - A bit of salads

After the break, it is time to get back to veggies on the sixth day. Yes, just like on Day 2. But, this time we recommend you to focus more on salads. On this day, you can also add some non-vegetarian options, but combine them with lots of veggies. Well, are you already feeling more easy and comfortable in your clothes?

Day 7 - Time for some low sugar

This day, you can continue the vegetable diet with the inclusion of a bowl of low sugar fruits and a bowl of brown or steamed rice. You can add vegetable juices to your diet now. This day is very crucial as it will slowly lead you out of the detox diet and bring you back to your normal diet. That is why, a mix of everything is very essential.

Points to remember:

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind while you are on the diet:

  • Weigh yourself on the day you start the diet. After this, weigh yourself on Day 8 to notice the difference.

  • Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

  • Avoid fruit juices and eat whole fruits. The fibre content present in fruit pulp is excellent for detoxification.

  • Avoid alcohol and coffee during these 7 days.

  • It is a good idea to add a fresh vegetable soup to your diet on all days. This will help you feel full and save you from a growling stomach.

  • Make sure you stay away from comfort foods like pasta, chips, and fried stuff.

A good detox diet is extremely important on a regular basis. Detoxifying your body makes you feel energised and light. Also, maintain a regular healthy diet combined with a fitness regime, so that you don’t end up piling on those lost kilos back.

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