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Super-Smart ideas for Busy Brides to Exercise at their workplace

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day. Be it her hair, dress, jewellery or anything else, she simply wants everything to be nothing but perfect. But ladies, it is not all about what you wear on your wedding day; you need to glow inside out. And, that can only be achieved by staying fit and healthy. Remember, with a confident attitude and fit body, you can rock your wedding look even in a simple attire. However, we also know that today’s busy lifestyle hardly leaves the brides-to-be with any time to take care of their health. And hence, we have brought for you, some simple and amazing exercising ideas that you can practice even at your workplace.

1. Walk while you talk

As you have to plan everything for your wedding, there would be so many conversations that you will be having over the phone with various vendors, planners, stylists and many more. And, when you are having those long discussions over phone calls, make sure you leave your comfortable bean bag or sofa, and walk when you talk. This can help you lose hundreds of calories between today and your wedding day. So, get up right now and start walking to see the big difference on your big day!

2. Have face-to-face conversations in office

Instead of calling your colleagues over the extension to get some information from them, walk to their workstation to get it. And whenever possible, try conversing in person with your superiors, colleagues or subordinates in person, instead of taking over intra-office mails. This practice will help you keep active and will prevent you from gaining extra weight as well.

3. Be the under-desk leg raiser

This simple exercise will help you to remove all the stress out of your body. Here is how to do it. Sit on your office chair with your back straight, chest out and shoulders down. Now, raise one of your legs and hold it straight for 10 seconds. After this, lower your leg and follow the same process with other one. Repeat this for 10 to 15 times, and you will see the change in just a few days. You will see the backache and stiffness vanishing away from your body in no time! For a better understanding on how to do this exercise, watch the video below:

4. Do a few chair squats

Every time you get up from your chair, make sure you do a few squats before you sit down. Now, you must be wondering how you can do so in office without making it look awkward! Well, let us tell you a very simple yet clever trick. Get up from your chair and stand straight. Now, bend down and adjust the height of your chair, hold for 10 seconds and stand again. Five repetitions will make you lose some real weight. You can even try dropping some paper or pen to do this exercise secretly.

5. Be the last person to sit

Agreed, it is not a rigorous form of exercising as such. But, standing helps you to lose much more weight than you gain while sitting. When you sit for long hours, you put yourself under greater risk of increased inflammation and insulin levels. So, never miss a chance to stand. Always be the last person to sit and the first one to stand, this will help you shed away some extra calories without putting much efforts.

6. Sculpt calves while printing

Did your manager ask you to get the 100-page document printed before the presentation? Well, as you do so, do not just stand beside the printer and watch it doing its job. Instead, use that time to shape your calves. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, rise up till you are standing on your toes, be there for a few seconds, and then get back on your feet. Repeat this 10 to 15 times or till the job is over. When you become a pro at it, try it on one leg at a time.

7. Make the exercise ball your chair

Things around you are changing, and are being replaced by better options. So, why don’t you make some changes around you, like replacing your regular wheelie by an exercise ball? It will give you a better posture all day round and strengthen you from the core.

8. Take the stairs

Why not avoid the small elevator talks with colleagues and take stairs instead. It helps you burn a lot of fat, giving you slimmer and well-toned legs in just a few weeks. Take two steps of the stairs at a time if you are left with very few days for you wedding day.

You can practice all these while you are at work, and that too without paying a single buck or giving extra time. This will give you a fitter body and a lot of confidence with which you can totally rock your wedding day look. So ladies, do not wait! Just get started and get set to look naturally radiant on your wedding day.

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