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Revealing 6 Steal-Worthy Fitness Secrets Behind Arjun Rampal's Hot Physique

The kind of sculpted body and ripped muscles that Arjun Rampal has, do not come easily. This 42-year-old actor and model has a level of fitness that is hard to find. Arjun Rampal’s fitness secrets that keep this Greek God’s physique in its glory, are out! Even though Moksha was not a hit, no one has forgotten that sexy man tied to the wooden log in the Janlewa song, which was a riot! And, that is still what his appearances do, whenever this hot actor shows up on the big as well as the small screen.

So, let us reveal the fitness regime of this dude, who is 42 and still rocking on! Find out how to achieve that shape and make women swoon over you!

He hugely depends on workouts for that shape

Arjun Rampal has shared his fitness secret; he depends on gymming to stay in shape. He works out for five days in a week. And, his schedule includes 10 to 20 minutes on the treadmill as a warm up activity. He does stretching before different types of cardio that accelerates his heart rate, spends 20 seconds on two body parts, which includes back, chest and chest-back triceps. He closes this exercising regime with sit-ups, hanging on the pull-up bar, and 40 pounds of dumbbell lifting. But, this is not the exact routine he follows every time for he believes in experimenting with his exercises.

Experimenting with new regimes

He suggests spending one hour at the gym. He pumps iron but keeps changing the exercises. He says that continuing with one does you no good. So, there is no particular exercise to stress on. He does repetitions too, but his schedule is never something that affects him adversely.

He never overdoes it

Overdoing the workout schedule is not needed. He follows the mantra- exercise according to what your body needs. He personally does not lift very heavy weights because a chiselled body shape like his does not come with lifting pounds of dumbbells. It comes by indulging in regular workout, and following a disciplined life. So, if you believe in having a sexy body sans those bulging muscles, this can be your fitness plan too.

He believes in a diet that supports his exercise regime

He leads a disciplined lifestyle. He loves food and lusts over whatever he likes, assuring that things he takes inside his body, are healthy. He consumes five meals a day, which is health boosting, and supports his workout plan. Cashews, walnuts, egg whites, wholewheat toasts, protein shake, tandoori chicken, dal and roti are a part of his diet. And as a rule, he does not eat after 9 p.m. He believes in giving the digestive system a rest, post 9. He believes that, “A strong metabolism makes all the difference.” So, eating right is pivotal to building a body like his.

He finds alternatives, when not gymming

This is good news for everyone who do not believe in gymming; there are other alternative ways to get fit. If you are not going to join a gym, and start pushing and pulling on heavy equipments, you can rather go for cycling, swimming, jogging or walking. It is always good to have competition in such activities. It keeps you charged up!

Keeps himself hydrated and detoxified

Arjun Rampal drinks a lot of water, and keeps himself hydrated. It detoxifies the body and keeps him going through the day. Drinking lots of water is a part of his daily diet. He observes this practice religiously.

Well boys, the lesson here is to indulge in physical activities and workout to get a fit and lean body like Arjun Rampal. So, sweat it out, be it at the gym or among the environment.

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