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Delicious Food combinations that can make you Very Sick

It is very usual to have many food groups together in our meal, but what we don’t do is striking the correct balance. Few of your favourite snack and food combinations might be making you sick. You will for sure change your food pairings after you know what havoc they create in your digestive system. Few of the consequences comprise bloating, stomach ache, fatigue, nausea, gas and overall digestive system disorders, counting severe issues of elimination.

Here is a list of food combinations that you should avoid or stop having to lead a long and healthy life. Do not be shocked after reading this article as it also includes some food pairings that are believed to be the healthiest.

1. Muffin and orange juice

Muffin and orange juice is a very common breakfast with lot of calories and very less nutrition. This pairing has a great amount of carbohydrates and a very smaller amount protein and fiber which makes your blood sugar to increase and fall dramatically. You will be tired even before you start your day. To make this a healthy pairing replace the muffin with a whole-grained muffin and include a cup of low-fat milk. This will get you going in the morning.

2. White bread and jam

A few pieces of white bread with some jam spread over it is not enough to take you through the morning and you will feel hungry in a very short time after eating this popular breakfast. You will be indulged in more food as the day passes by as you didn’t get the required amount of protein and healthy fat. Try exchanging your white bread with whole-grain bread for adequate fiber and instead of jam, smother your bread with peanut butter to get enough fat.

3. Cereal and milk

Cereal and milk is the cheapest and easy to prepare breakfast for many. Both have quickly digestive carbohydrates creating more work for your digestive system and resulting in energy crashes and blood sugar spikes. Addition of fats and proteins in your breakfast will help in digestion. You can pour your cereals over yoghurt and add a handful of nuts and few fresh fruits.

4. Burger and fries

You already know it is unhealthy, still you don’t mind grabbing a burger and some fries on the go. The preservatives and overcooked fats can form a substance like charcoal in your stomach which combines with sugar from your fries to form cytokines which inflames the cells and even kills them, resulting in exaggerated aging. A very less fatty veggie burger with pickle is a much healthier alternative of this food pair.

5. Pepperoni pizza

The best way to increase the already present great amount of calories in pizza is adding meat to it. The sodium and saturated fat work together to give you heart disease. You can load your pizza with vegetables rich in nutrients and pair it with fresh green salad.

6. Fruits and salad

Strawberries in the salad look good, but in reality, it’s not that good a combination if consumed regularly. If you are having strawberries or mangoes in your salad, the fruit part is easily digested but the sugar begins to ferment, which in turn, slows the digestion.

Food is one of the best things in the world, it makes you happy and satisfied and keeps your machines running. But sometimes, the best things give you worst experiences, so always be watchful when you pair various foods in your meals.

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