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Most popular Myths and facts about Drinking Water and Hydration

How many times have you went around seeking natural solutions for glowing skin, weight loss, good digestion and more; and your search has ended on one resource - water? It is natural and is easily available, but is it essentially as good as it is proclaimed to be?

There are myths regarding certain 'magical' qualities of water that are the result of incomplete knowledge or lack of knowledge. It is, therefore, necessary to bust the myths hovering around drinking water and drive home a clear viewpoint. Take a look, as we bust the top 11 myths surrounding water.

Drinking excess of water is beneficial for your health

Scientists and doctors have pointed out that drinking an excess amount of water is potentially harmful to the body as it would lower the concentration of salt inside the body. Water intoxication is considered to be a fatal situation when there is an excessive dilution of sodium in the blood. This happens because the kidneys are overworked, and cannot excrete an excess of water inside the body as urine.

You might be thirsty when you think you're hungry

No. That’s absolutely wrong if you think that you might be thirsty when you are hungry. The fact, on the other hand, is that you might be hungry when you think you are hungry. Reports suggest, your body is unlikely to mix up with hunger and thirst. Nonetheless, boredom, habit or stress might make you hungry and you would eat, but thirst isn’t related to it.

You need to chug-a-lug water constantly to avoid dehydration

It is also believed that one should chug-a-lug water constantly, but the fact is that a healthy diet and drinking when you're thirsty will hydrate you just fine. According to reports, there is absolutely no need to gulp down water. In fact, studies have shown that food has moisture in it and you easily get 20 per cent of the fluid you need. Experts say that instead of chugging water throughout the day, you can have some hydrating foods such as cucumbers, which are 97 per cent water.

You can overhydrate easily

Most of the people are bothered about the risk of drinking too much water, but that’s something not of that much importance. The fact is it is unusual to drink so much water. Experts also say that overhydrating is much more difficult than most people think. All in all, it is safe to spread out an increase in water intake over the course of a day.

Everyone needs the same amount of water every day

No, that’s absolutely wrong! Everyone doesn’t need the same amount of water. In fact, the need for water depends on age, weight, locale and numerous other factors. In addition to this, the quantity of water intake also depends on the factors such as your body mass, how physically active you are and the current state of your health and wellness.

Tap water is bad

You might have come across many people who say tap water isn’t healthy, instead, you should go for bottled water. But hold on! It’s a complete myth if you have been believing it. In fact, the water management regulations should conduct frequent testing of tap water for bacteria and harmful contaminants. Bottled water, on the other hand, is just treated tap water only.

Drinking extra water is healthy for the skin

Since 60% of human body is made of water, therefore, drinking plenty of water will give you a healthy and glowing skin. Hence, there are a lot of benefits of drinking water for skin. However, very little is accrued by the scientists and doctors on this matter. The beauty of our skin is the result of genetics, diet, weather, lifestyle, etc.

Having an idea about the popular myths around drinking water will obviously help you to become clear on the facts related to it, and you too will be able to guide individuals who are living in dark with all these myths.

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