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Home Training vs Gym training? What to choose?

When it comes to training in a Gym or Home, the first thing to consider should be the commitment vs convenience factor.

The decision making at this can be broken down into 3 large factor which are Monetary, Convenience and Guidance.

1. Monetary-

It is obvious that a Gym Membership is going to cost you X amount of monthly or any other plan you chose to buy. The advantage of a Gym Membership will however let you access to a variety of training equipment such as Strength Stations, dumbbells, Kettlebells and much more all included in the membership. Home Training would cost you less if you are into Functional Training/ Yoga/ HIIT but in case you try to build a Home Gym of your own, it would definitely cost you significantly.

2. Convenience

Showing up to the Gym every single day needs a lot of commitment and little to no modern struggle such as traffic, parking space and those busy gym rush hours. If you are ready to fight with these mentioned factors that cost a lot of time, patience and effort, Gym might be a great option for you but if you are someone who lives by an ultra busy schedule, Home Training can be your goto method of keeping yourself fit.

3. Guidance

Gyms these days offer a whole lot of variety when it comes to professional trainers. You can utilise their knowledge and guidance to get on to a fitness plan and achieve your goals. It would again cost you Personal Training fees that is often more than a Gym Membership itself.

On the other hand Home Training can be done with professional online coaches who will build a self help plan for you and will support when you are stuck at anything in your fitness journey.

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