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Kareena Kapoor Debunks Some Most Common Weight Loss Myths As Told By Her Dietician Rujuta Diwekar

When actress Kareena Kapoor turned to size zero, everyone was amazed. What astonished people more was that her weight loss was not because of any elite western dietary plan or vigorous exercises.

The famous dietician, Rujuta Diwekar, who guided the diva to a healthy body, has a very different take on the weight loss process. According to her, a dietary plan should be culturally fit; this means that the best food for you is the one, which is local, seasonal and home-cooked.

Who does not want to get the perfect body or lose that bulge on their tummy? Indeed, we all want it and there are no doubts about it. Well, there is nothing wrong in remaining in good health. But the process used for weight reduction is often flawed. And, if in case people succeed to lose weight, it is often difficult to sustain that lost weight for a long time. There are many weight loss myths that we have believed for a very long time! Let us debunk some of the most famous ones for you.

Myth #1. Aping the western dietary plan blindly helps lose weight quickly

There are new types of diet versions introduced every day in the market, which help in reducing weight. It becomes a fad and people start considering it a more reliable way to lose weight. But in reality, the concepts of the West do not apply here. There is a huge difference between our cultures, our food, our climate, and our genes; then how can their diet plan work for us!

Myth #2. Eating low calorie/low fat makes you thin

This is the biggest myth that we have believed since God known when. We feel that if we choose a food which is low in calories and is fat free, there is no chance of gaining weight. This is anything but true. In her very popular book, Don’t Lose Out, Work Out, Rujuta Diwekar clarifies that eating such food makes you weak and hinders your ability to work out or gym. This in turn accelerates your ageing process and in the end instead of looking fit and healthy, you start looking old and haggard.

Myth #3. Instant weight reduction is possible

There is nothing called ‘instant weight reduction’; it is just a misleading statement. The claims of reducing weight in a week or 15 days are false and impossible. Because when you claim to reduce weight in such a short time, you try very hard on your body with mindless exercises. As a result, you only contract your muscles with your body fat simply remaining as it is. There is more harm than any good in overstressing your body!

Myth #4. Running is bad for the knees

This is again a very common misconception people have that the more you run, the more your knees will wear off, making knee replacements inevitable. The fact is there is no proper understanding behind this statement. Rujuta clarifies that if you do not strengthen and stretch the muscles around your thighs, only then running can be harmful for you. Thus, it is not running, but the wrong technique that creates problems.

Myth #5. Foreign food products are better than local items

When people run after those exotic, imported products then they always run away from their culture and foods that are actually best for them! Eating those foods which are not produced in India, never suit us and we do not know what kind of side effects it can have on our body.

Myth #6. Weight training makes you bulky

Many fear that if they take up weight training exercises in a gym, they end up looking macho. In reality, nothing of this sort happens. Rujuta explains that muscles are the fat burning furnaces of our body and only when you grow muscles, you can grow the ability of your body to flaunt a flat belly.

Myth #7. Sweating melts fat

This is not only foolish but dangerous also. When you workout extensively, your body temperature goes high up. As a reaction, we sweat so that our temperature gets balanced and our body gets a chance to cool down. Thus, excessive sweat will never melt your fat but make you dehydrated instead.

Myth #8. Blaming your genes if you are fat

The best excuse people give for being fat is that they are genetically prone to be bulky. Well, there is nothing wrong with anyone’s genes. It is just lack of activity and hard work which makes you fat or obese. Rujuta puts this clearly by quoting an example of genetically identical twins, who have different levels of physical activity have different weights and are prone to different diseases.

Myth #9. The best exercise conundrum

There is nothing like the best exercise for losing weight. Rujuta says in her book that the best exercise is the one that can be done on a regular basis. Some can swim regularly, while some can do the treadmill daily. So it always differs. However, one exercise can never give you overall and all-round fitness. Thus, you need to combine a well-defined exercise plan to keep you strong and healthy.

Revealing Kareena Kapoor's Diet Plan As Suggested By Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar also came out with a video named ‘Indian Food Wisdom And The Art Of Eating Right’, featuring Kareena Kapoor, where she talks about her weight loss journey without missing out on any of her favourite foods. She rightly explains (in a fun way), how our own food, including ghee and butter, help us in losing weight.

Losing weight may is not a child’s play and requires courage, diligence and hard work. However, it is important to respect our age-old and ancient ‘wisdom of food’ and not fall for the culture which in not ours!

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