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How to get your Body Back in Shape after Pregnancy

As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Becoming a mother is the most beautiful feeling but along with that, comes one of the most daunting challenges, which is losing the weight gained during pregnancy. Since women undergo significant hormonal changes during pregnancy, losing the fat and getting rid of the “plump” look gets relatively difficult after childbirth. Right on that note, we compiled a list of some easy ways one can adopt to kickstart the battle with the kilos. Here's how.

1. Chalk out a doable weight loss plan with your dietician

You should understand that it takes about ten months for you to gain weight for your baby’s health, and losing it will take some time too. Going for extreme dieting and exercising fanatically will only take a toll on your health. Also, losing too much weight too soon can lead to sagging of the skin, apart from several nutritional deficiencies. Instead, talk to your doctor and dietitian about an ideal and practical weight loss plan that you can work on.

2. Always maintain a healthy and nutrition rich diet

One of the easiest ways to start working on a weight loss plan is to eat foods that support weight loss, at the same time, without compromising on nutrition. Remember, breastfeeding mothers cannot afford to suffer from nutritional deficiencies as it directly affects the baby's health. Therefore, choose from low-calorie, high-nutrition foods after having a little talk with your dietician. The best examples of such foods are fish, lean chicken, egg whites, dals, skimmed milk and milk products, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Don't forget to stay away from fried and sugary foods.

3. Focus on regular breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is extremely good, not just for the baby, but also for you. Regular breastfeeding can in fact help you shed the extra flab faster, which is almost 300 calories per day. While the baby receives wholesome nutrition, you lose the extra fat! How amazing is that, right?

4. Pep up your workout routine

The most integral part of your post-pregnancy weight-loss strategy should be being active throughout the day. This naturally includes taking care of the baby; but don’t stop just at that. Try and get more involved in more household chores. Not only will this help you work and shed the extra kilos, but also distract you from the mood swings that usually follow post childbirth. There is nothing like joining a gym, but if that seems impossible, at least have a fixed home exercise routine like stretching, yoga, skipping, etc.

5. Move out of popular misconceptions; don't neglect sleep

Many people insist that new moms should not sleep during the day in order to have a peaceful sleep at night. This is nothing but a popular misconception. What if your baby decides to keep you awake most of the night? Not getting enough sleep leads to being constantly tired, and this slows down your body's metabolism drastically. The body’s ability to lose weight is compromised as a result. Therefore, make sure you take a couple of naps during the day to feel recharged.

6. Focus on Your Core

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles stretch to accommodate your growing baby. After giving birth, it is essential to focus on rebuilding these muscles, as they play a critical role in maintaining good posture and preventing back pain.

Pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegels, are an excellent way to start rebuilding your core muscles. They help to strengthen the muscles that support your bladder, uterus, and rectum.

You can also incorporate exercises like crunches and planks, which target your abs and lower back. It is important to work with a certified personal trainer or postpartum exercise specialist to ensure that you are using proper form and technique.

In conclusion, getting your body back in shape after pregnancy takes time and dedication. It is essential to start slowly, incorporate strength training, focus on your core, eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep, and practice self-care. With patience and consistency, you can get your body back in shape and feel confident and healthy again.

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