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Fantastic And Easy Ways To Lose Weight While Doing Household Chores

Do you hate those love handles but have no time to hit the gym? Is waking up early for the morning jog too troublesome for you? Or, does hitting the gym seems like a tedious task? Or, you feel that you do not have any time for all of this?

Well, no worries. There are better ways of losing weight if you just take a close look around your house. You can turn every nook and corner of your space into a little gym. So, no excuses anymore– turn your household chores into your weight loss regime! What’s more? You don’t have to spend additional time and money on exercising to lose weight either. Here are some mind-blowing tips to make this happen.

1. Scrub the floor

Get rid of your “mop with a stick” and go back to the traditional way of cleaning the floor. Get on your all fours and begin scrubbing. Push your hands forward on the floor to scrub, stretch your torso as far as you can and keep your stomach muscles tight. Make sure that your hips don’t sag. Your abs are going to love the workout; and within a short time, you can get rid of that stubborn fat that was stopping you from flaunting a flat belly.

Calories burnt: 266 calories (approx.) in an hour

2. Squat

You will find innumerable instances where you need to bend to do some tasks at home. Use these opportunities to do some squats. For instance, squat when you bend to get things out of the bottom drawer of the kitchen cabinetry, fridge, washing machine or your wardrobe. When you squat, hold the pose for a few seconds before standing up straight. You can tone your hips, thighs and calves if you catch at least 20 to 30 squats every day. So, from now on instead of bending your back to lift things, squat whenever and wherever you can.

Calories burnt: 60- 150 calories (approx.) in an hour

3. Vacuum that fat away!

Turn vacuuming into an exercise regime. How do you do it? Simple. Perform forward lunges when you take the vacuum cleaner forward. Put in around 15 to 20 minutes of lunges when you vacuum and you will have enough thigh and hip workout. If you want to make it more effective, quicken the pace of lunging and vacuuming. You get double benefits out of this. Firstly, you get a brisk cardio workout. Secondly, your job is done more quickly.

Calories burnt: 235-245 calories (approx.) in an hour

4. Doing laundry

Now, here is a great reason that will make you look forward to doing your laundry yourself. Washing clothes, folding them, lifting them and ironing them can help you burn a large number of calories. So, turn your washing machine and your clothes into a personal weight loss trainer. Put the clothes in the washer and the dryer and take them out and put them up to dry. Follow this by ironing and folding them. All this will be a great complete body workout, especially the upper body.

Calories burnt: 70-135 calories (approx.) in an hour

5. Playtime Plank

Occupied with babies but also worried about your fitness? Fret not, we have the best ever solution for you. It is but obvious that wherever your baby would be playing, that place is a mess. All you need to do is to get into plank position with shoulders over hands. Along with it brace your core and bum down. Place some bin or container kind of a thing at a certain distance from you. Now, pick one toy and throw it into it. And then pick the other and do the same. Just make one thing very sure that you don’t tilt to one side as you lift your arm. Also, keep your body parallel to the floor in an apt manner.

6. Oven Abs

What if you can’t go to the gym? You can create one at your place only. No need of fancy machines in order to strengthen your core. All you need is a microwave or oven. Hit the floor in front of it and raise your legs a bit to do the best ever leg raises there. Lower both the legs to a side and then, bring them back up straight. After that, lower both the legs to the other side before releasing. Also, do not forget to keep a check on your posture. Keep your back straight and don’t bend at all.

7. Dusting step ups

What about the dusting step ups? Confused as to what we are trying to say? Well, there is a fun way to tone your quads and glutes, along with doing your household chores. It’s been a long time and you haven’t seen the top of your cabinet. Or for that matter, you haven’t cleaned your chandeliers and fans of the house. Don’t worry, do it right now with a pinch of work out too. Carefully place a chair in front of the object you wish to clean. With one fluid movement, step up on the chair and reach your opposite arm up high. Along with it, contract your glute and lift your back leg and hold there for a while. Do this exercise as many times as you can.

A simple mantra for weight loss

The number of calories you burn depends on the speed of your actions, your weight and how strenuous the activity truly is. So, that is why they vary from person to person. Apart from all this, whenever you do any household chore, just quicken the pace a bit. Walk briskly when you move around the house performing various chores. Use the stairs as much as possible, or get the laundry out of the dryer quickly. For anything that you do around the house, make this your simple mantra- quicken your pace!

Once you are in the exercise mode at home, you are going to be able to find exercise opportunity in every household task you perform. So, get going and make your household chores your weight loss partners!

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