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Easy and effective ways you can Delay your Periods Naturally

Periods is a natural phenomenon in women and is essential for their psychology and well-being. However, at times it looks dreadful and even leads to period-shaming. Menstruating during the office hours, meetings, presentations, religious gathering and travelling leave them uncomfortable and infuriated. Age factor and hygiene issues too make them feel like delaying this natural phenomenon for a while.

So, fret not and take a sigh of relief as we brought to you certain home remedies, that can turn off your chumming days for a while. Instead of popping those over-the-counter medicines, you better look up to these to avoid any side effects.

1. Apple cider vinegar

The most promising and natural remedy from your kitchen cabinet, ACV can do wonders in expecting late menstruation. Yes, the familiar vinegar can offer a lot more than just beauty benefits. Put 5 ml of apple cider in a glass and mix it with 150 ml water. Drink the solution for at least 10 days. It will not only delay your periods but also remove excess fats and toxins from your body.

2. Pulses/Lentils

Apart from being a staple Indian food, pulses also help in holding up your periods. High in minerals, potassium and fibre, lentils disrupt the menstruation and is an effective remedy to fix other period related problems. Take some gram lentils in powdered form. Add lukewarm water to it and grind it well with a grinder to avoid lumps. Have it like soup. You may add flavours or veggies if there is a need. Have it for a week in continuation.

3. Gelatin

This Chinese technique can successfully delay your periods for a couple of hours to a week even. When you are in need this remedy works wonder in giving you results. Gelatin slows down the entire process of menstruation hence suspending your periods for some time. Take a packet of gelatin and mix it with water. Mix and shake it well and have it around 2 times a day. This is really beneficial in showing the red signal to your periods.

4. Lime juice

One of the most delectable ways of controlling your menstruation is lemon. Loaded with acidic properties and vitamins, lemons have a great impact on delaying your period cycle. It is said that it also makes the flow lighter and helps in complications related to periods. Mix 2 to 3 teaspoons of lemon juice in lukewarm water to make a solution. Try having it at least a couple of days before you expect your date for a sure-shot result.

5. Parsley leaves

Parsley leaves too help in dealing with your periods to a certain extent. The herb is well suited to balance the hormones in the body and wreck with the menstruation process happening in the body. Take a few parsley leaves and put it to boil until the water quantity becomes half. Cool it and consume it around 2 times in a day in order to achieve late periods. A house to nutrients like vitamin B12, K, A and C, parsley herb also flushes out excess fluid from your body.

6. Uterus massage

The oil massage on the abdomen area is very beneficial in delaying the periods if done right. The massage therapy is an effective and popular technique in altering with your period cycle. You may take any oil of your choice and massage your pelvic and abdomen area well to affect your menstrual cycle. It might also relieve you from the pre-menstruation pain and cramps.

7. Exercises

The delay of periods in a women’s body can be well influenced by your lifestyle and exercising habits. A heavy work out session might signal your brain to delay the periods. It is said that an intense exercise regime puts a stress on your body to act differently and that might suppress your periods for a while.

Though all of these remedies mentioned above are relatively natural and effective; but like any other treatments, these too might not be completely safe. So, before you go about any of these, try to visit your doctor as he/she knows the best possible outcome. Besides, delaying your periods is not a healthy but just a temporary solution to stay away from the inconvenience in a certain situation. Try not to make it a habit.

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