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Drinks that will make your summer days cooler

Summer Beverages: Come summers, temperatures begin to soar high leaving everyone feeling fatigued, sweaty and messed up. Staying hydrated is the most important factor to keep going in this sweltering heat and maintain good health. Your body tends to lose water at a faster pace due to excessive sweating. While water is the utmost important drink to quench thirst, you can try other summery beverages that not only satisfy your thirst but also keep your body cool. As we welcome summers, let us refresh and replenish our body with some of the best summer beverages in order to beat the heat. We suggest a bunch of summer drinks that you must not miss out on.

Here's a list of summer drinks :

Aam Panna

The grandma favourite. Aam Panna - as the name gives it away, it is made of the summer king, everyone's favourite and our very own - Mangoes. Mango pulp squished and blended with some cumin and mint leaves, this is one drink you can stack up your fridges to sip on to anytime. You can add to its sweetness or flavour as preferred. The drink is not only a refreshing one, but also keeps you energised in the heated days!

Sattu Sharbat

What's better than bringing a desi summer drink to your rescue? Sattu sharbat is one specialty from Bihar that keeps the body cool even during the sunniest day. It is made with sattu flour, sugar and water; that's all it needs.

It's not only refreshing but also filling. Here's a refreshing recipe of sattu sharbat that you will definitely fall in love with.

Coconut Water

Pretty little umbrella straws popping out of the green (perhaps, yellow) shell of goodness. Ah, the chills the thought of it gives. A natural electrolyte is great to keep you energised. This clear fluid is high in potassium levels which is great in processing extra sodium out of our bodies, in the form of urination. Its antimicrobial properties prevent acne in the hot summers - isn’t that a good enough reason to grab one of them!


An all time staple. There is no season for some chhaas. Or shall we call it “white beer,” its famous second name. This curd-based drink, excellent for the gut, hence the body - because of its fermentation and microbial levels is great for the summers.

The best for digestion, it is consumed differently across the country. Curry leaves, ginger, mint leaves, cumin - the experimentation is all on you!

Sugarcane Juice

Found at every corner, this sugarcane juice screams summer! Crushed out of the long rises of sweet sugarcanes, it needs no additional flavouring. However, a tinge of lemon or mint leaves are a brilliant match too. Full of anti oxidants, sugarcane juice is great for the liver and kidney health. Helps cure acne and keep bad breath at bay. Additionally, it is a great digestive, making it a must for your summers.

Cucumber Honey Limeade

Lemon and cucumber, two of the most easily available ingredients in summer, are here to be your favourite thirst quencher. Blend cucumber pieces, strain it out and extract the juice. Add two teaspoons of honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice, mix them all together. Here you go - now you have a summer drink that will take care of your body!


As Punjabi as it gets, every region has its own rendition of a thick tasty lassi. From nuts to syrups to fruits, the innovations have us startled.

So if you are not one who sneers at the smell, look or taste of curd - go for this tasty drinks and get started with your own version of it this summer.

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