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Updated: Jan 16, 2022

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Are you always on the lookout for best protein shakers? We completely understand how hard it is to find the right fit for you. But, don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Shaker cup. Shaker bottle. Protein shaker. Mixing bottle. Handheld mixer. Whatever you call it—and the names are numerous—or just a plain container used to mix up your protein shakes. We know you must have come across these if you are regularly into fitness or just starting out.

Maybe if you haven’t used a shaker before or you are someone who have already gone through a lot thinking they are all the same. They are just plastic containers, right?

Well actually, there are some incredible options out there that can save you from that awful protein stench that exhumes if you forget to wash it out as soon as you have made it.


The three main components to a protein shaker: the bottle material, the mixing mechanism, and the lid. The bottle material not only makes a difference aesthetically, but it can impact the taste and temperature of your shake.

So, first let us consider all protein shaker types:

  • Plastic shaker bottles are the most common type—but not all plastics are the same. It’s important to make sure your shaker is BPA and phthalate free. Best food-grade plastics is Eastman Tritan. So, if you are planning to buy a plastic shaker bottle look for Eastman Tritan plastic.

  • Insulated Stainless steel shaker bottles – These are perfect if plastic is a complete no-no for you. Designed to provide light insulation to your protein drinks. Mostly designed with the use of double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel in bottles. Stainless Steel Insulated Shakers are generally considered the safest option.

  • Glass Shaker Bottles – Not commonly used these are yet another option. Glass is inherently odour and stain resistant, and many people prefer drinking from what is perceived as the purity of glass.

Even though we all might have used plastic ones at some point of time but let us introduce you the best qualities real good protein shakers.

Plastic shakers come in a variety of colours, sizes and style but we believe steel shakers offer great features when compared to plastic ones, like for example foul protein smell if not washed as soon as possible.

Matte Black Metal Beverage Shaker

Cool protein shakers are hard to come by but then there’s this Stylish Matte black shaker. This extremely sophisticated and streamlined shaker brings an edge of luxury to preparing your gym bulk-up.

This vacuum insulated, double-walled metal protein shaker has 100% leakproof lid, this is the perfect drink holder. It helps make your shakes smooth and delicious, minus the lumps. Mixing ring provided inside makes mixing convenient and easy.

100% secure cap prevents spilling and leaking, even when dropped it has been proven to not open and spill. Designed specifically to be odour resistant, this stainless-steel protein shaker does not absorb odour and is very easy to clean without leaving any stains.

Silver Metal Shaker PRO Series

This product defines class and is designed with luxury in mind. This 100% steel protein shaker has high-quality at the forefront. Not only is this shaker created with a completely leak-proof design, but it will also retain the stainless steel after each wash making sure that protein stench doesn’t rear its ugly head.

Designed specifically to be odour resistant, this stainless-steel protein shaker does not absorb odour and is very easy to clean without leaving any stains.

This shaker has style and substance, as well as a 750ml protein drink flip-top lid to make access to your protein shake easy. Mixing ring provided inside makes mixing convenient and easy.

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