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Benefits Of Cherry Tart Juice That Promotes Weight Loss But Also Improves Overall Health

If you have even a slight inclination towards health and heart, you’d know that tart cherry juice or the ‘wonder juice’ as many people would like to call it has been sweeping off every other so-called healthy alternative. Muscle damage, heart disease, increased levels of cholesterol, sudden weight gain, insomnia: so many problems but just one solution – tart cherry juice. Honey-lemon water, turmeric milk, garnicia, black coffee; be prepared to wash them down by the drain as the incredible health benefits of tart cherry juice are much more than the health benefits of all these products combined.

However, one must be careful while buying tart cherries as people often confuse them with sweet cherries. Tart cherries mostly retain their bright red colour, while sweet cherries are often darker. While fresh sweet cherries are famous, the majority of health benefits come from the regular consumption of tart cherry juice. Not only do tart cherries contain more beneficial compounds, but also taste better than sweet cherries. Let’s take a look at some of their health benefits:

No more insomnia

Now, you would not hear this often but a good night sleep is as important as eating nutrient-rich food and exercising daily. If you have been having sleeping issues lately and despite making your surroundings perfectly sleep-worthy, you don’t battle an eyelid the entire night; you must try tart cherry juice. It’s because the tart cherries contain melatonin (responsible for ensuring good sleep and sleep duration) in abundance.

Restricts carcinogens from damaging the body

Tart cherries are a natural source of anthocyanin (cancer/carcinogen fighting substance). Perillyl alcohol, limonene and ellagic acid are the three strong chemicals which tart cherry juice has in abundance. The combination of these three chemicals have been studied and the results have hinted at the restriction of changes occurred within the body due to the carcinogens.

Repairs muscles and tissues

Due to its rich nutrient and mineral content, tart cherry juice helps in strengthening and repair of muscles post a physical session. It also reduces muscle soreness and pain. Researchers are further studying into its benefits in order to make it available to sportspersons medically. A study conducted on a few marathon runners proved that those who were administered tart cherry juice few days prior to the day of the marathon experienced less muscle pain and soreness. They also did not feel the loss of strength during the entire stretch. While those who had not been administered tart cherry juice experienced severe pain in muscles and loss of strength during the run.

Promotes alertness/mental health

Studies have revealed that the deadliest of the brain diseases are caused due to the oxides and toxins present in the body. Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, dementia are some of them. By boosting anti-oxidant defences and preventing oxidants from freely flowing into the body, tart cherry juice promotes the soundness of mental health.

Helps in maintaining good skin and hair

Due to its richness in minerals, vitamins and other beneficial nutrients; tart cherry juice gives the attention and care your skin demands. Regular consumption of tart cherry juice is said to trigger anti-ageing enzymes in your body and boosts skin rejuvenation. As with tart cherry juice, vital nutrients reach each part of the body, including hair follicles; its consumption gives you a shinier and healthier hair. It also slows down hair greying or loss.

Prevents gout

Gout, a form of arthritis, is infamous for making the patient suffer from severe muscle pain and sudden swelling of the muscles and joints. Studies have revealed that regular consumption of tart cherry juice reduces the uric acid content in the blood which is said to be the reason behind gout pain and attacks.

Promotes healthy heart

Tart cherry juice is also rich in quercetin, another strong anti-oxidant. LDL or bad cholesterol have a tendency of getting attached to the walls and arteries of the heart, which lead to blockage or heart attacks. Quercetin is an anti-oxidant prevents LDL to get oxidised.

Despite the magnanimity of its benefits, pregnant women are advised not to have this juice as it might lead to contractions. People with gastric issues too are advised to not include tart cherry juice in their daily supplement. Add this to your diet and see the changes in your health.

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