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Amazing Weight Loss Hacks To Wake Up Slimmer And Trim Off Those Extra Kilos

We all wish for something good to happen to us overnight. Err, read slimmer and trimmer! But, is it really possible to achieve something nice while you enjoy your sound sleep? Well, we would say yes, if it is about weight loss!

Lo and behold! Stay there as we are not kidding at all. You definitely can lose weight, and get out of the bed every day in your slimmer and fitter avatar. All you have to do is, make certain amendments in your daily schedule. So guys, it is time make your dreams come true (literally)! Just read on to know some brilliant weight loss tricks that can help you wake up slimmer every morning.

Make a pretty bed

Do not rely on your maid to do your household chores, especially for making your night bed. Do it yourself and if you are doing it, why not do it really nicely? Change the sheets, dust a little, and light some candles. This little work will not only make you happy, but will keep your body in motion as well before nap, which will help you to digest whatever you have eaten.

Sleep in a pitch dark room

A study by the scientists at the University of Granada suggests that sleeping in a super-dark room can also help you lose weight and wake up slimmer in the morning. Here is the logic behind this. Human body produces a hormone called, melatonin, in complete darkness. And, this hormone further helps the human body in producing a brown fat that helps in burning calories. So, make sure you switch off all the lights and sleep in complete darkness to wake up happy and lighter.

Say ‘No’ to yoghurt in the night

Some people have the habit of binging on some plain or flavoured yoghurt after every meal. As much as it would hurt you when we say this, you need to stop doing it right away! While yogurts are known for introducing healthy bacteria in your stomach, the flavoured ones are actually rich in sugar and might bloat your belly by the time you kiss your loved one a ‘good morning’. If you indeed have a craving for yoghurt in the night, then try to get those that have 8 gram of sugar or less.

Avoid watching late night movies or series

Do you have the habit of putting yourself to sleep by watching television or binging on some of your favourite series on your laptop? Err, you need to stop doing that as unintentionally you might be loading in some extra kilos by staying idle. But did you just say that it is not possible to sleep without watching some TV? Then use it as a weight-shedder! Play on some favourite tracks and do some simple light exercise along with it.

Indulge in an 8-minute evening exercise

These eight minutes are only yours; nobody can snatch it from you! Just kidding! But yes, these are some very important eight minutes if you want to wake up looking thinner. Just before going to sleep, stand up on the floor with your feet and shoulder apart and set your alarm for the next eight minutes. Lower your buttocks and do a squat. Stand up and lift your lightweight dumbbells (only if you have or something heavy of similar weight on both hands would do) above your head. Pause for 10-15 seconds after every two minutes and repeat this until your alarm beeps.

Meditate and de-stress

Our mind is our greatest strength. Meditating in your bed before snoozing has multiple benefits. As it is rightly said, ‘the change begins with you’. Many research papers have suggested that ‘thinking thin’ helps you lose weight a lot faster. Yes, you read that right. If you stress a lot, then this must be a reason of your weight-gain. Hence, break off from the outside world, mediate and concentrate on the positives of life and see how soon you lose weight.

Stay away from your phone

Have a habit of fiddling with your phone until late night and then waking up groggy because you missed on your sleep hours? It’s high time you start reading a story book instead because reading relaxes your mind which induces sleep. Also, the bright light coming from your phone harms your eyes and excites your brain. Hence, keep your phone on the bedside table and stay away from it during the night.

Well, now you would definitely agree that losing weight is not really that difficult a task, right? So, no more waiting! Just get started and be all set to flaunt a fitter body in no time, that too, by sleeping!

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