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A Spoonful of Good Health: Beauty And Health benefits of Desi Ghee

Well, we all know how pure ghee just rocks our culinary world with great flavour and taste, but for many, the same jar of ghee comes with a huge dollop of guilt and fat phobia. What most of us hardly know is that this traditional super food is not just nutrient-rich, but also one of the seven healthy fats one needs in their kitchen.

So, if you too stay away from the desi ghee completely for the sake of beauty and toned physique, you need to re-think. After all, there is a reason why grandma considers it sacred, medicinal and nourishing.

Read on to know the host of health and beauty benefits this power-food has on your body, mind and spirit.

Beauty Benefits

1. Makes your skin glow

Did you know ghee can do wonders for your beauty too? As it locks moisture in your skin, it prevents your skin from getting dry and rough. Just make a point to use ghee everyday and you will see it standing out from other natural beauty ingredients. Mix ghee, milk and besan to form a creamy paste. Apply to your face, let it dry for 20 minutes and then wash off your face with cold water. Consuming ghee also makes a difference. Add a little amount to your rice and dal (pulses) once cooked.

2. Heals chapped lips

If you are losing that tenderness and moisture of your lips, apply some ghee as a home remedy. A drop of ghee rubbed on your cracked lips will help them remain smooth. You can also apply drops of ghee on your naval to heal the dryness and retain the lost pink colour. Do this every day before going to bed for soft and hydrated pouts.

3. Revives dull eyes

The significant levels of vitamin A in ghee relive the tired and dull eyes. Just apply a little ghee under your eyes regularly and get bright, fresh and relaxed eyes within a few days. You can also massage a few drops on soles of the feet to improve eye vision. Ghee also helps clear up dark circles. Just smear a few drops on upper eyelid and rub gently.

4. Smoothens unruly hair

Yes, ghee is just perfect for the unmanageable and unruly hair. It not only makes your hair visibly smooth but also shiny and strong. So, when nothing in the world seems to work for your locks, use ghee. If you are suffering from dandruff issues, split ends and hair loss, you can use it as a deep conditioning treatment at home. All you have to do is massage your scalp with a mixture of lukewarm ghee. Leave it on for 20 minutes after massaging from the scalp to the roots. Once done, wash well with a mild shampoo.

Health Benefits

1. Boosts immune system

As per the research, ghee is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins A and E which fight free radicals and hence promotes a healthy immune system. Also, due to its powerful detoxification properties, ghee is the immune system’s best friend. The powerful components present in ghee make it extremely difficult for diseases to thrive in the body.

2. Lowers the risk of heart diseases and cancer

According to health experts, the clarified butter, ghee is beneficial for your heart and can be used to prevent cardiovascular diseases. Ghee contains a high amount of linoleic acid that can be protective against carcinogens, artery plague, and diabetes. In short, this ancient food has the power to fight the substances that lead to the development of cancer.

3. Excellent cooking medium

Ghee is not only a cooking medium for taste and aroma but it is also healthy and pure. Ghee does not break down in high heat like many cooking oils do, resulting in free radicals. Ghee has high burning point because of which it neither smoke nor burn when cooked.

4. Enhances brain function

Here is another reason to not stay away from ghee completely. The fats in ghee perform some essential functions in body including your mind and brain. Eat ghee in moderation as it is an excellent brain food and promotes the free flow of oxygen to the brain. According to Ayurveda, ghee is a memory-enhancer and promotes intelligence and problem-solving ability in humans. It leads to the generation of brain cells that fight stress and problems. Regular consumption of pure ghee also enhances physical and mental strength.

5. Strengthens appetite and improves digestion

Ghee stimulates the secretion of gastric acid, thus increasing the capacity of the body to digest food. It is also considered as an Ayurvedic remedy for enhancing the sluggish bowel movements. It is quite an effective treatment in removing waste from the body resulting in strong and better appetite.

6. Provides ‘right’ fats for the body

The body needs certain fats in its diet in order to perform vital functions, including protecting the stomach wall from digestive acids, strengthening cell membranes and skin and brain health. The fats in ghee provide these benefits without any harm to the body unlike the hydrogenated oils or oxidised cholesterol of butter and other oils. Our joints too need ghee for the long healthy life.

If you have been avoiding this wonder food, we are sure you will start including it in your meals after reading this article. But saying that the pure ghee is healthy we also need to watch out the portion we are having. No doubt ghee has numerous benefits but its intake should be guided as excess can lead to weight gain.

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