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8 Blunders You Are Making With Your Cheat Meals

Cheat meal strategy is a concept that settles your cravings, makes you happy and gives you mental satisfaction. But this occasional and once-in-a-while program is taken for granted by many and used as a license to go crazy over their food cravings. Well, let’s tell you that this blunder not only leads to a high-calorie indulgence, but also sabotages your progress towards the weight-loss goals.

So, when you are allowing yourself for that ‘weekly treat’, the key is to eat reasonably and not go on a binging spree. Let’s have a look at some common blunders people make, while following their cheat meal programs.

1. Over-indulgence

This is the first mistake people tend to make while cheating with their diet. After having sweated it out for five days, it’s normal for your body and appetite to yearn for that calorie-laden food. But then you should not go nuts on that sixth day of the calendar. Eating like there is no tomorrow can ruin your entire regimen and undo your efforts.

The idea is to cheat smart and feel free and not bloated, uneasy or guilty. There is hardly any use of your diet calendar if you are not able to create a sense of balance. So, the key rule is to enjoy a healthy cheat diet and limit yourself to the portions you are having.

2. Unplanned approach

Cheat meals are definitely a reward of a sort after that week long self-control. But a wrong or random approach might kill your hard work completely. You still need to be in charge of what and when you are going to add on to your plate. The cheat meal plan should be based on your day’s workout, your cravings, upcoming occasions, etc.

If you have to attend a party in the evening, you can focus on a healthier option during the day. Similarly, you can’t wake up in the morning with a cream-laced coffee and work for the whole day so as to balance the heavy dinner you are going to have. Remember, it’s a weight loss period for you and even cheat days need to be a well-planned.

3. Eat like a gobbler

Yes, it’s time to feast, and your taste buds are just waiting for it. But remember it’s not a massive food eating contest, and you need to go gently. Eating in a hurry or gulping down your food is quite unhealthy.

Chewing your food properly send signals to brain whether your stomach is full or not and accordingly, you can prevent yourself from overeating. The process helps you consume lesser calories compared to a splurge-eating.

4. Restaurants and cafes

This is another mistake that people make when they plan a cheat meal. Overwhelmed by the temptation and freedom, they visit restaurants with friends or prefer outdoor meals, which again blow up your diet.

So, at the end of the day, the entire sacrifice of the week goes in vain. Isn’t it? So, it’s better to prepare your own meal or have a home-made food. Since you are set out for a goal, the meal cooked with quality ingredients will at least not harm you. Food from your own kitchen will lessen the damage and the calories you intake.

5. Processed and junk foods

Yes, it’s time for a break after that week long discipline, but the fun day still has some guidelines. It’s not an occasion to stuff yourself with whatever crap you like. Don’t forget that some cheat meals are of course better than the others.

Binging on packaged foods and drinks, excessively spicy meals and high-calorie desserts can ruin what you have achieved with immediate fat storage in your body. We suggest you stay on track with your diet, and avoid the menu that includes spoilers like pasta, cheesy pizzas or greasy paneer tikkas.

6. Know yourself

A stuffed aloo parantha might be okay for your friend, but the same might not work for you. This is an important philosophy people fail to understand. It’s a simple funda which emphasises on individuality and that different people have different requirements. If you feel bloated after having a cheesy pie of pizza, try your luck with other tasty food items which you think is worth having.

Also, if your cheat meal wrecks your diet, will power, determination; there is no use including it in your cheat plan. So, understand your body and go for the food you think you can handle. Like always, moderation is the key. The food you are planning to enjoy should not let you lose your mind.

7. Can’t say no

There are people who just can’t say no to food pushers and their own temptations. This way, they end up losing the battle which was half won. Well, there will always be parties, gatherings and some kind of event going on. It’s all about your will power and confidence and the need to stick to your guns. So, before learning to say no to people first say it to yourself

Be honest and think about reaching the target you have set for yourself. An array of treats from your friends and the urges can keep you off the success path. Be true to yourself and mentally prepare yourself for that big ‘NO’. By giving in, you will hinder your regimen and make things tougher for yourself.

8. Unsystematic cheat days

There are people who are doing well with their diet regime and weight-loss program, but muddle up the cheat days. They either go for a back-to-back cheat day or keep changing the dates as per their needs and requirements. Well, we suggest, the day you chose need to be consistent. For example, two cheat days in a row can be fine, but then if it becomes three, it will set you back and make it difficult to recover.

Moreover, it can also have an opposite impact. Starving yourself for five days, and then attacking food for two to three days can screw it all up. Have some self-disciple and fix the days as per your need and lifestyle. Remember, if you cheat a cheat day, results are bound to be adverse.

We see that the cheat meals are meant to break the repetitive or restrictive nature of diet and not for breaking the rules completely. The cheat diet doesn’t mean an entirely free reign of what you can have. Calorie limits, time-management, the correct portion and self-control are some major factors you really need to watch. So, make sure you come out of the boring routine and regimen in a relishing, and healthy way without allowing it to waste your efforts.

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