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7 Easy-To-Follow tips to keep your Partner's Unhealthy Eating Habits in check

You might be looking at a healthy way of life, and sadly, your partner might be looking at it otherwise. It can be for something as important as your upcoming wedding, but your fiancé is just not prepared to relinquish bad eating habits, and help you create an impact that you wish for. How do you handle that bad bad situation, where things look running out of your hands?

If your constant badgering has failed, and your every attempt on pushing him/her into right shape has come down, these steps should help you. Here is a little help for you to deal with a fiancé who is being a little less than supportive.

1. Address the issue in face

To deal with a problem, it is essential to recognise it, and address it in face. Have a conversation with your fiancé, and share your concern. It is possible that he/she might be unaware of your plans of bringing out a dazzling look on the big day. Share your concern. And, if your efforts have already failed, talk about it with no inhibitions.

2. Have a plan and share it with him/her

Well, it starts with having a foolproof plan in hand. A lazy fiancé is likely to take pleas like there is essentially no plan in hand. And he/she might not know how to take this forward. So, it starts with your finding the right diet and workout plan. Hand it over and see how it affects. And if this does no good, do not get disappointed. There are better ways.

3. When your workout plan fails

There is a huge possibility that your fiancé is lazy, and he/she might not take interest in your workout plans. Fine, there are alternatives. You can find activities in which your partner takes interest. For example, indulge in cricket, or bowling, a game of tennis, or a brisk walk in the early morning or with the setting of the sun. Come up with plans that work to make him/ her happy and reduce weight along!

4. Discover alternate meals or ways of cooking

Well, if he or she is unflinching, you can experiment with the meal, and try to cook it in a better and healthier way. This way your life partner will not be devoid of the stuff he/she loves, and also not add ounces of fatty layers to his stomach. If you are married, then this is likely to save you the effort of cooking two separate meals too.

5. Visit restaurants that serve you both

When a health-conscious person marries someone with unhealthy eating habits, they ought to find spots where they both can eat to their heart’s fill. Find places that serve the right meal for both of you. You can munch on some healthy stuff, while your partner can happily feast on something unhealthy.

6. Help him/her reduce the frequency of bad eating

It is ok if you cannot change your life partner’s eating habits altogether. If nothing else, you can at least reduce the frequency or the amount that he or she is consuming. Restrict the unhealthy meal eating to once or twice in a week. Or, reduce the consumption by portions. Like it is good to eat a slice or two of pizza, and control the urge to lust on it blindly.

7. Tell him/her about its repercussions and give him/her time to change

Many times, people do not pay attention to the results of their unthoughtful eating. Convey the results of his/her unhealthy eating habits. Besides, if you continue with your balanced diet and healthy eating habits, your partner will change. But this change will be gradual. Things cannot change overnight. So be patient, and let the change happen with your help and guidance, but definitely not force.

While your partner’s unhealthy eating habits can be a little disturbing for your idea of fitness, it is important that you deal with maturity. Do not rush into bringing this sudden change overnight, nor sit back on your couch to watch everything happening.

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