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7-Day GM Diet Plan Is Actually The Fastest Way To Lose Weight

The General Motors (GM) diet plan is a seven-day weight loss program that claims to help individuals lose up to 17 pounds (7.7 kg) in a week. It is believed to have been developed by General Motors in collaboration with the US Department of Agriculture and the Food and Drug Administration. In this blog, we will explore the GM diet plan, how it works, and whether it is an effective way to lose weight.

What Is the GM Diet Plan?

The GM diet plan is a seven-day diet that involves consuming a specific combination of fruits, vegetables, meats, and grains each day. It is believed to work by increasing the body's metabolism, burning fat, and reducing water retention.

Advantages of GM diet

This seven-day diet plan was developed for the employees of General Motors. The main aim of this program was to attain good health and fitness. A look at the major benefits of the diet should be enough to convince you of its success:

  • Lose five kgs to eight kgs within seven days

  • Reduces flab from the tummy area

  • Adds natural glow to the skin

  • Rids the body of the toxins and you actually feel light and happy

The diet plan will sound outrageously cruel, but it becomes easy to follow if you complete the first two days successfully. By successful completion, it is obviously implied that you resist every single urge to break the diet regime. However, you must get a nod from your doctor before attempting this diet.

Day 1

Only fruits, with the exception of bananas, litchi, mangoes and grapes. Eat lots of watermelon, melon, pomegranates, apples, lime, oranges, strawberries and any other fruit that you like. Eat 20 times a day, if you want to, but only fruits. If you feel yourself craving for salt, then a tiny-winy ‘hajmola’ tab will help immensely.

Day 2

Only vegetables. Begin your day with one boiled potato with a teaspoon of butter. For the rest of the day, eat only raw, boiled or otherwise cooked vegetables without oil. Don't eat more than one potato for the day. You can eat cabbage, carrots, cucumber, gourd and other vegetables. Add basil and oregano seasoning to them to make them more edible, and don't intake salt this day too. Remember, if you make it through Day 2, then half the battle is won!

Day 3

Basically a combination of Day 1 and Day 2, which means you can eat fruits and vegetables of your liking, but no bananas or potatoes. Eat to your heart’s content and do not forget to drink a lot of water.

Day 4

Bananas and milk. You have the liberty to eat almost six bananas and have up to four glasses of milk. Though, you were told that bananas lead to weight gain, in this diet, the bananas act as a source of sodium and potassium since your salt intake during the GM diet had reduced considerably.

You can even have the highly diluted, yet yummy vegetable soup (tomatoes, onions, capsicum and garlic). It is such a respite after those three days on fruits and vegetables only.

Day 5

Another feast day where you can eat sprouts, tomatoes and cottage cheese (paneer). You could also eat chicken or soya chunks. Supplement your diet with the wonder soup (Check out the recipe at the end of this article). Increase the intake of water on account of the urea formation.

Day 6

Similar to Day 5, so you can eat sprouts, cottage cheese, chicken, soya chunks and other vegetables. No tomatoes. Supplement your diet with the wonder soup (Check out the recipe at the end of this article).

Day 7

It is the last day and you must be feeling very light and happy. On this day, you can have fruit juice, a bowl of rice or half roti, and any vegetable that you want to eat.

Important: It is imperative to drink 12 to 15 glasses of water every day during the course of the diet. No fruit juices (other than day seven), tea, coffee or alcohol. You can take black tea, black coffee and lime water (no sugar). Moreover, 45 minutes of workout daily or on alternate days helps in achieving superb results.

Wonder soup recipe:


  • Onions: 6 large onions

  • Green Peppers: 2

  • Tomatoes: 3

  • Cabbage: 1

  • Celery: 1 bunch

  • Water: 22 oz of water

Here's how to make it:

  • Firstly, cut the onions and green pepper and saute it all in a pan with a few drops of olive oil.

  • When it gets light brown, chop the celery, tomatoes and cabbage, and put everything in a big pan with water.

  • Boil this and then slow cook everything for over 60 minutes. Now, add salt, dried herbs and spices according to your taste.

If you are trying to lose weight for a special occasion, then you should try this diet at least two months before the event. Also, you should maintain a gap of three to seven days between subsequent regimes.

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