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7 Biggest Exercise Mistakes that all women must know

It is true that all women want to be in the best of their shape, and they put a lot of efforts in an attempt to attain it. Women do not really mind spending hours in doing various exercises such as, jogging, running on the treadmill, and what not. But, how many of you know that there are some mistakes that can hamper the progress of your workout sessions? Perhaps a very few of you. Well, it is very important for you to get your basics right when it comes to exercising. Wrong method will do more harm than good. And not only exercise, even the clothes, which you wear for exercise, should be right for proper workout.

Well, for all those lovely ladies who are hitting the floor every day for a workout session, here are some possible mistakes you might be making while exercising:

1. Wearing cotton

Cotton is undoubtedly very comfortable, but wearing your favourite cotton T-shirt while working out is not a very good option. This is because, cotton does not dry up easily once it absorbs sweat. As a result, it can cause irritation when rubbed continuously against your skin. Also, when you cool down, a damp cotton T-shirt can give you chills. So, better leave your cotton T-shirts at home, and wear only the ones made of moisture wicking fabrics.

2. Not wearing sports bra

You should never think of doing any exercise without wearing a sports bra. Breasts are made of mammary glands and fatty tissues, and working out without wearing an appropriate sports bra can lead to serious breast damage. It puts undue strain on the breast tissue, leading to pain and even premature sagging. Therefore, always wear a comfortable and right fit sports bra for exercise.

3. Wearing inappropriate tank tops

Tank tops are a perfect choice for exercise. They are comfortable and well-fitted. But, things can go wrong with a misfit tank top, especially when you have to bend for some exercise. So, while buying a tank top, do check its fitting properly from all the angles, so as to avoid an embarrassing moment during the training session.

4. Running at the same pace

Another big mistake which many women tend to make is that they stick to the same pace while running on the treadmill. Well, doing so for a long time will bear no result. Therefore, it is suggested to speed up a little in between. Switch to high-intensity mode for few minutes, and then go back to your regular pace. This way, your body’s ability to burn fat and build lean muscles will improve.

5. No weight training

Many women refrain from lifting weights because of the fear of bulking up and losing their feminine look. However, you need to understand that since women’s body does not produce testosterone (which is responsible mainly for increasing muscle mass), lifting some weights would not make you look bulky. So, it is the time to throw this misconception out of the window. In fact, the truth is that weight lifting will help you burn calories much faster than cardio. It is even beneficial for the health of your bones. So, when you hit the gym next time, don’t be afraid of picking up that set of dumbbells.

6. Not warming up

Stretching and warming up are as important as exercising. Although, these are not the adrenaline pumping parts of your workout, but they prevent injuries, and make your muscles longer and leaner. So, always warm up and stretch out before you start with your regular exercise routine. Doing it for about five minutes will also increase your capability of exercising rigorously.

7. Working out empty stomach

Many women think that working out on empty stomach will get them into shape faster. But that is a fallacy. Performing without any source of energy can be dangerous to your health. So, eat some fruits or a healthy snack, an hour before you start the exercise. Always keep water handy, and drink it before, in between, and after your workout, to keep yourself hydrated and to flush out toxins.

Being in best shape is every woman’s dream. While working hard for this dream is good, but working without any knowledge can certainly be bad. Now as you know what all mistakes you could be making while going through rigorous training, just avoid them to get a perfect body in the safest way.

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