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7 Best Yoga poses for Couples to boost their Relationship

The health benefits of yoga are unmatchable to any other form of exercise. Yoga benefits the mind, body and soul. And these days, the form of yoga that is garnering a lot of attention is, the ‘couple’ or the ‘partner yoga’.

Partner yoga not only benefits you physically but also does wonders for your relationship. Since, in this type of yoga, you are dependent on each other for every movement, it helps you to build a stronger communication, trust and intimacy with your partner. So, here are some simple yoga poses that you can try at home with your partner to strengthen your bond of love.

1. Side-by-side sun salutation

Start your day with sun salutation or surya namaskar. Do about five to ten rounds of sun salutation standing side-by-side with your partner. Your movement should be in-sync with your mate. This asana has the maximum health benefit as it stretches every part of your body. It strengthens your back and muscles as well. So, practise surya namaskar with your partner and give a boost to your health and relationship.

2. Partner breathing

This is an easy pose, which anyone can do. All you have to do is cross your legs and sit with your back resting against each other. Join your hands and keep them close to your chest. Now, close your eyes, and try to connect with your partner mentally. Also, if possible, breathe alternately. That is, when you exhale, your partner inhales, and vice-versa. Do this asana for three to five minutes. You will certainly feel connected to each other.

3. Buddy boat pose

Do you want to energise your morning? Then try the buddy boat pose or Navasana, with your mate. In this pose, you have to sit facing each other, then bend both your legs and bring your knees near to your chest. Hold each other’s hand and slowly stretch your left leg and let it touch the right leg of your partner and vice-versa. Now, try to lift your legs in the upwards direction while keeping your spine straight as shown in the picture. Then, slowly press the sole of your feet with that of your partner's. Hold the position for six to eight breaths before bringing your feet back to the floor. If you find this pose a bit difficult to do in the beginning, then you can always start with straightening one leg at a time.

4. Triple hill pose

Triple hill pose is something that you must try with your partner. Stand in front of your partner about a foot apart. Now, slowly bend down facing each other, until your hips are over your heels. Now take a few steps backwards to make sure your forehead touches with that of your partner's. Now, stretch your hands and rest it on your partner's back to feel the pull. Release your arms after being in that posture for five to seven breaths.

5. Hand-holding seated twist

This is one of the asanas, wherein you both need to sit cross-legged, facing each other. Inhale and stretch your spine. Then exhale and turn to your right, stretching your right arm behind your back to hold the left hand of your partner. And, with your left arm, try to hold your partner’s right hand. Help each other extend the twist by softly pulling your hands. Hold on for a few breaths and then turn sides.

6. Double down dog pose

This position requires both the partners to get into a downward-facing dog pose. First, bend down and try to touch your toes. Then form a gap between your hands and feet by moving them away in the direction opposite to each other. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and your toes straight. Then, lift your pelvis up to form an inverted ‘V’. Once you get this pose right, ask your partner to do this down dog pose on top of you by placing his/her feet on your sacrum. Then the partner on top will lift his/her hips up and press the hips of the partner below. Hold this pose for a while and then you can trade places.

7. Forearm stand pose

This asana is all about trusting your partner. In this, you need to place your forearms on the ground. Then bring your hands together and lift your legs and hips upwards in the form of a sirsasana. Meanwhile, your partner will stand right next to you and support your legs from falling forward or backwards. However, you should try to maintain your own balance too. This is a great pose to practise balance and meanwhile build trust too.

Once you are done with your yoga practice, lay next to each other for the next five to seven minutes, to relax your body completely. So, start practising these yoga poses with your partner today to deepen your relationship and feel more connected as a couple.

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