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7 Bad Habits That Leave You Bloated And You Are Unaware Of Them

Today, the fitness bug has caught up with the world. Everywhere you go, you are guaranteed to spot people exercising, signing up for gym memberships or following a detailed diet plan, all in the hope of losing weight and staying lean and fit.

Staying fit, of course, is important. But what if you find yourself with no results, in spite of all the exercises? Do you feel bloated many times, in spite of your exercise regime? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. Bloating occurs due to many different causes but in a nutshell, anyone can tell you that it’s not good!

What’s more? There are certain things that you might be doing unknowingly, on a daily basis, that’s making you feel bloated. Want to know what they are? Keep scrolling!

1. Not drinking enough water

How many times have we come across apps that promise to remind us to drink more water? Well, we better start taking those apps seriously because a lot of bloating takes place if you are not consuming enough water. This is because dehydration causes the body to hold onto reserve water, which is not good for you and which makes you feel bloated. A well-hydrated body means good digestion which keeps away bloating. So, start drinking enough water!

2. Consuming diet soda

You might be buying cans of diet soda in an effort to stay fit. But, do you know how bad this supposedly healthy drink is for your body? The carbonation for starters leads to a great deal of bloating in the body. To add to it, diet soda contains artificial sweeteners and these can mess around with your stomach and your digestion, leading to a sick and bloated feeling.

3. You drink a lot of alcohol

Yes, we get it. Weekends mean parties and parties inevitably mean alcohol. While everyone is entitled to a good time, it is a fact that drinking too much alcohol can leave you bloated. The reason being, alcohol leads to water retention in the body, giving you a puffed up and uneasy feeling. It is always better to stop after two glasses of alcohol. If not, make sure to keep sipping on the water in between to keep your body hydrated and water retention away!

4. Eating too fast

Do you have the habit of scarfing down your food super-quick? Time to let that habit go. Eating fast leads to bloating. By eating really fast, you are also taking in a lot of air along with your food. Moreover, when eating quickly, chewing is not always the elaborate process, which should be the case. This leads to large, unchewed pieces of food lying inside your stomach, which makes you feel bloated.

5. Sitting on the couch all day

Even if you are not eating anything and just sitting around for a long time, it can cause your stomach to bloat for a while. This is because the gas inside your body has no movement at all and keeps revolving around inside your stomach. This gives rise to a very uneasy feeling and is bad for the health as well. So, make sure to go for walks regularly, especially when you feel bloated.

6. Getting stressed

We all know how bad stress is. It’s bad for the heart and can trigger a lot of problems in people who already have certain diseases. It is also true that getting stressed out makes you feel bloated. Stress wreaks havoc with your digestion. Moreover, when you are stressed, you tend to eat really quickly and not pay attention to chewing your food, which obviously is a disaster for health.

7. Chewing gum

Chewing gum once in a while is okay, but making it a habit is not. The act of chewing gum ensures that a lot of air goes into your body. This air can be termed as ‘excess’ air that your body most definitely does not need! Thus, it gives rise to a bloated feeling and can make you quite uncomfortable.

So, these were some of the habits that you might be a victim of and which is why you are suffering from bloated stomach. And that’s a really bad feeling! So, let’s try and keep those practices down to a minimum, shall we? If you know of any more causes for bloating, share it with us. Just leave us a comment down below.

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