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6-Step Guide To Make A Healthy And Yummy Vegetable Salad At Home

Who said healthy cannot be tasty? There are a lot of food options that are not only healthy, but tasty and good looking also. One such food option is salads! Yes, a salad can be a colourful, tasty and healthy pre-dinner snack for you to munch on. Whenever you feel like munching, ditch that bowl of chips or popcorns and grab a bowl of freshly-made salad.

The combination of veggies, fruits, nuts and dressings is enough to keep your stomach full for hours. Here is a quick guide to make yummy salads in no time. Read on to find out what all you need to make some crazy and tasty vegetarian salads at home.

1. Burst of colours

Always remember, the golden rule of cooking is that the more visually appealing the food is, the more one will crave to eat it. So, not only does the salad need to taste good, it needs to look good as well. Adding a burst of colour to the salad can do wonders to the way it looks. For this, use veggies such as yellow and red bell peppers. You can also add cherry tomatoes and thin slices of cheese for more variations. Cutting these vegetables into chunks or long slices will also change the appearance of the dish.

2. The evergreen greens

How can a wholesome and tasty salad be complete without some fresh green veggies? Whether chopped or served as big chunks, these beautiful looking veggies not only add the taste to the salad, but also provide the body with lots of fibre and nutrients. Add vegetables like iceberg lettuce, cabbage, spring onions, cucumbers, broccoli, and capsicums to your salad to give it a nice veggie twist.

3. Add crunch

Although fresh vegetables provide crunchiness to the salad, the real crunch comes if you add nuts to it. Adding nuts provides you not only an amazing crunch, but also enhances its taste. Nuts like walnuts, cashew nuts and pistachios can add flavour and texture to an amazing vegetarian salad. You can also add some stir-fried olives to it.

4. Don't forget the zing

Vinegar and wines, both red as well as white go very well with salads. They add to it the correct amount of taste, sourness and zing. But whenever you add any such zingy products, always remember to add a pinch of sugar to the mix to cut down the acidity of this complete mixture. Some people are also fond of using soya sauce as a dressing.

5. The perfect dressing

Nowadays, there are a number of salad dressings that are readily available in the supermarkets. You name the flavour and there you have it! Thousand island, cheese and chilli, honey mustard, vinaigrette dressings are some common and popular salad dressings. But you can also make a yoghurt based, lemon based or any other dressing of your choice at home. Adding dressing to a salad gives it its actual flavour. You can look up the internet to get inspiration for salad dressing recipes.

6. Seasonings

Now, how is it possible to have a salad that has no seasoning? Different flavoured seasonings such as chilli flakes, basil, oregano seasonings etc. can either make or break the taste of a salad. It is thus advisable to add these according to one’s own taste. Also, never stop experimenting. A mix of two flavours, seasonings or dressings can produce an absolutely amazing new flavour.

So, get all these things, mix them up and make a light and tasty salad to munch. Stay fit in a smart and tasty way!

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