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6 Small Diet Changes To Lose Weight And Improve Health

Do you spend all your time and energy on working out, and still find yourself stuck with that stubborn fat that refuses to go away? Thing is, no matter how much you stress on your workout, a few nutritional mistakes can cause a major setback to your weight loss goals. And that is precisely what happens with stubborn fat.

So, to get your weight loss goals to churn massive results, and your efforts to slim down pay up positively, all you need to do is bring in some small changes in your diet. Here are a few secrets that can make all the difference in maximising your weight loss efforts and eliminating fat.

Small Change #1.

Have the fruit, instead of going for juice. Eating fruit will add more fiber in your diet, which will keep you fuller longer, minus the extra calories of the packed juices. Also, a fruit, when pressed or squeezed to make juice, loses most of its nutritional value in addition to fiber and some water-soluble vitamins.

Fruit juice that has lost its fiber and large amounts of nutrients is basically just a concentrated source of sugar that is deficient in nutrients. These nutrients that are present in fruits, supplement your digestion and metabolism. So, eat your fruits, instead of drinking them up!

Small Change #2.

Add soup made from vegetables to your meals. This will help to increase your vegetable intake. A bowl of soup is simply a bowl of cooked vegetables. And, vegetables contain a host of nutrients and antioxidants. They are a rich source of fibre, which helps to regulate the digestive system and maintain the health of your digestive tract.

You can also add vegetable juices for the same effect.

Small Change #3.

Green tea has achieved worldwide fame for its metabolism-boosting properties. So why not add it to your diet? Green tea also contains catechins that are high in antioxidants, so you will feel more energetic despite all the calorie cuts and hard workouts. Drinking green tea not only keeps you hydrated enough to work out for a longer duration, but also helps to burn stubborn fat more effectively.

Small Change #4.

Cut white sugar from your diet as far as possible. Eat natural sugars that are found in dry fruits, like dates, figs, prunes, etc. These can satisfy your sweet cravings as well as keep untimely hunger pangs at bay. Avoid colas, soft drinks as they have added sugar and no nutritional value. Water would be the best option, so make it your best friend is something you will hear every nutritionist tell you.

Small Change #5.

You need to make sure that you stay hydrated. Sometimes what may look like stubborn fat is nothing but water retention. As you work out hard to lose weight and also increase your protein intake to build muscle mass, your body could be releasing more toxins. To flush them out of your system, make sure you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. While this will effectively remove all toxic waste build-up, it will also accelerate your metabolism to build more muscle and burn off that stubborn fat.

Small Change #6.

Learn how to break up your meals. While you might be tempted to try a new low-calorie diet as a desperate attempt to lose that stubborn fat, it is really the last thing your body would want you to do. Such a diet will do nothing but reduce your metabolism, which will make shedding that excess weight all the more difficult. Instead, opt for low-calorie mini-meals every 2 to 3 hours to keep your metabolism skyrocketed.

Small Change #7.

Well, those were 6 small diet changes that you can introduce to bring huge weight loss and get rid of fat effectively. But, along with diet, your lifestyle matters too. So, let me make it 6+1 as I tell you about a few simple lifestyle changes that can boost your weight loss goal further. Here are a few simple changes in your day-to-day activities can help you weight loss:

  • Take stairs instead of the elevator.

  • At regular intervals get up from your chair and walk around.

  • Walk around even when talking on the phone/ mobile.

  • Park your car a little away so you can walk that extra bit.

Now it is time to add these small changes to your lifestyle and diet, and reap in the big results by saying goodbye to those extra kilos and fat. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and get going!

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