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6 Outrageously effective and super-easy tips to get rid of Facial Fat quickly

Even if you are on the heavier side, possessing a well-shaped face, and doing away with the accumulated facial fat will automatically make you look leaner with more conspicuous cheekbones and a prominent chin. Of course, if you can afford to splurge on revamping your appearance, you can go for a surgery, facelifts or liposuction techniques.

But, why shell out so much money when you can chuck out the perturbing double chin and inflated cheeks with a little effort every day? By following a healthy diet and performing a few exercises, you can get a slimmer face in no time.

1. Curb the calories

Cutting down on your calorie intake by 500 to 1000 calories everyday, will help you lose one to two pounds weekly. Gradually attenuating the proportion of meals and taking six small meals a day is the right way to chalk out your diet. Junk foods are high in sodium content, and therefore, are a strict no-no, as salt tends to retain water in your body, thus giving it a bloated appearance.

2. Incorporate good fats

Who said all fats are harmful? Replace your cheesy pizzas with fish like mackerel, salmon, tuna and nuts, which are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Healthy fats help you get rid of the excess fat easily.

3. Exercise

Nothing works better than performing simple exercises at home. One such exercise to reduce your chubby cheeks is 'Cheek Puff' exercise where you require holding as much air as possible in your cheeks and then pushing it towards each of the cheeks, every time holding it for five seconds. To reduce double chin, exercises like 'Tennis Ball Squeeze' involving pressing a ball between your chin and chest for a few seconds, 'Neck Flexion' and Isometric exercises work wonders.

4. Quit smoking and alcohol

Smoking causes your skin to sag while alcohol leads to dehydration and consequent bloating. Hence, quitting smoking and decreasing alcohol intake is a sure way to burn down those layers of fat on your face.

5. Drink lots of water

Are you having sufficient water that your body demands? If looking at your appearance in the mirror makes you frown at your puffy face or double chin, chances are you are having less water than required by your body. Drinking less water leads to a dehydrated body, which then tries to absorb the additional moisture in your body leading to a bloated appearance. Therefore, make it a routine of drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

6. Plan the right diet

A diet rich in calcium and protein can help burn calories faster. Calcium helps in flushing out the extra water in your body, thereby, reducing the puffiness. In order to make sure that you are having enough of calcium, incorporate broccoli, leafy vegetables, beans, oranges, dry fruits, herbs and the likes in your diet. Protein is equally important and hence, supplementing one carbohydrate serving with protein rich food such as fish, egg whites, lean meats or tofu will help cut down on your carbohydrate intake while reducing your appetite as well.

We are sure these exercises will help you reduce your facial fat in no time. Do let us know how effective these tips were for you in the comments section below.

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