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6 Incredible Treadmill Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

Gaining weight is a piece of cake; the real struggle is to lose all of it. However hard you try, you always feel like it is not happening. And while some people are blessed to have metabolism that doesn’t let them gain any weight irrespective of how much they eat, the rest of us aren’t that lucky. Also, many a times, we take an initiative to join the gym or get a treadmill home but find it too boring and monotonous to continue our workouts after some time.

So if that happens to be the case with you too, here are some fresh and doable treadmill workouts that will not only help you lose all that extra flab, but you will have a fun time doing them too.

1. Interval training

The best and easiest workout, also the most effective one is called the interval training. You start by warming up, walking at a comfortable pace for about 5 minutes. Then, increase your speed and keep it constant for about 7-8 minutes, then increase it a little more and do the same. If you are comfortable running, let the last few minutes be that. After you are done running too, follow this speed process backwards and end your routine with a cool down.

2. Light weights

For this workout, you need to be really focused. It is a routine that works on two or more of your body parts at the same time. First, start walking at the high speed, something that you are comfortable with and that is stable. While walking, carry light weights in your hands. Now, whenever you are comfortable, start doing bicep and triceps exercises while walking. Ask your instructor the correct posture of doing them before you start so as to avoid injury. Also, make sure you use very light weights.

3. The towel trick

This trick is also very effective for people who are not allowed to do weight due to some problems, or who are just beginners. While walking on the treadmill, hold a hand towel with both hands and raise your hands so that the towel is parallel to your chest and then bring it all the way down to your thighs. Keep repeating this movement while you walk. Next, bring the towel up and down making sure your hands are parallel to your ears while you go up and your fist touches your ears when you come down.

4. Inclined walking

If you don’t have a history of knee pain or low levels of Vitamin D, ask your instructor the correct speed and incline level and then start walking. You will feel like you are walking uphill. It is a superb workout for your inner thighs and gluts.

5. Circuit training

Now this one is a fun routine. All you need to do is combine some fun workouts all together. For example, run on the treadmill at the speed of 7 or 8 for three minutes, then come off it and do 100 jumping jacks, next do 10 push-ups and lastly 50 sides. Now take a 5-10 seconds break and repeat the workout. Do 3-5 sets depending up on your stamina. You can also increase the time and repetitions of your workouts.

6. Sideward walking

Another wonderful workout for your thighs is the side ward walk. Set a comfortable pace for yourself to walk on. Now slowly, change your direction and walk side wards on the treadmill. At first it will seem very tough and draining but then, you can’t achieve your goal without sweating it out the hard way, can you?

Treadmill workouts work on your entire body including the stubborn problem areas like the thighs, the stomach and the buttocks. They also increase your stamina and build up your endurance. They are the best possible workouts to tone up your body, provided you do them under expert supervision. Also, the best part about them is that you can do them while watching TV, listening to music or talking to your friends on the phone. So what are you waiting for, learn these tricks and get started already!

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