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6 Foods That Do More Harm Than Good If Eaten At The Wrong Time

We have always been told what we should eat, and what we should not, in order to remain healthy and fit. But, what we have never paid attention to is, that there are many such foods which have dual effects on our body. The whole game is of the time we consume these foods at. If taken at the right time, they work wonders for us. But, if consumed at the wrong time, they might harm our body moderately or severely. Well, do not worry. We have a list of 6 such foods which you should only eat at a particular time in the day to reap its maximum benefits.


When to avoid: The inherent nature of curd is cool, therefore it should be avoided at night. Consuming curd at night might lead to mucus formation, thus harming people who easily suffer from cold and cough.

Good time to eat: Curd is very rich in probiotics and thus helps in strengthening the gut. It should be eaten in the daytime as it helps in digestion and soothes the digestive system

Sugar or sugary foods

When to avoid: We should avoid sugar at all costs during the later evening hours. A spike in our blood sugar will elevate our energy levels and thus interfere with our sleep patterns.

Good time to eat: Too much sugar should never be taken. In moderation, it is always better to eat sugary foods in the morning, as in the morning our body insulin can easily use up all the sugar easily. It even gets digested easily as we are constantly moving and using up the energy throughout the day.


When to avoid: Rice contains carbohydrates, and since our physical activity is almost zero during the night, these carbs will only add excess weight to the body.

Good time to eat: Rice is best consumed during lunch, as the body gets ample time to use up all the carbs present in the rice.

Pulses and beans

When to avoid: Pulses are high in fiber, thus eating them in the morning might lead to increase in appetite. As a result of this, you might binge eat.

Good time to eat: Fibrous foods like pulses and lentils help in lowering the cholesterol levels. They also help in digestion and have been proven to assist in a good sleep and thus should be consumed during the night.


When to avoid: Though extremely tasty and tempting, cheese is no doubt very heavy to digest without any physical activity. Therefore, it should not be eaten during night time if you want to avoid gaining weight.

Good time to eat: Cheese is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin B12. It helps in bone growth and the healthy working of our nervous system. If eaten in moderation during the daytime it can prevent bloating and weight gain, as it easily gets digested during the activities of the day.


When to avoid: Meat is very high and protein and very hard to digest. All kinds of meat take at least 4-6 hours to be digested. It might weigh heavy on your digestive system and cause discomfort if eaten during the night.

Good time to eat: When consumed during the day, meat gives our body strength and also improves concentration levels.

So, now that you know what foods you should consume at what time, make sure you follow these tips for a healthy lifestyle.

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