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6 Easy Steps To Avoid Weight Gain After Marriage

Your big day is over, and you are so happy that everything happened just the way you wanted! You looked ravishing in your dream wedding dress and the photographs have turned out to be simply gorgeous. And, why not! After all, you worked so hard to get in shape and get that perfect body. But soon after the wedding got over, you started feeling lazy and lost all the zeal that you once used to have for working out, right?

Well, if that is the case with you too, then let us help you by giving you these easy ways to attain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit after marriage.

1. Cook healthy, low-calorie meals

Indian wives love to cook for their husbands to show-off their love. Well, you can do the same by cooking some healthy and low-calorie dishes. Bid goodbye to the fatty foods or keep them for the weekends and special occasions. Low-calorie food is no more tasteless, and you can easily get recipes for healthful and tasty meals and snacks online.

2. Stock healthy and wise

If both of you are working, then keep your fridge properly stocked with healthy foods, fruits and vegetables, so that you don’t end up devouring the fatty tidbits and fried snacks.

3. Plan out couple activities

For most of the Indians, spending good time with their spouse has to do one way or the other with food – a romantic dinner date or watching television with a big bowl of chips. You can break this pattern by planning different activities with your partner such as signing up for a dance class or yoga class. If nothing else make it a routine to go for walks or work out together at home.

4. Working out is a must

You need to find at least 40 minutes a day (4-5 hours a week) to seriously sweat it out. Work out on alternate days if you want. When on holiday, try to follow your workout routine, even if it is for 15-20 minutes. On weekends, finish your exercises early, so that you get to enjoy the rest of the day with your better half. Better still, involve your husband in your workout regime, so that you get to spend some quality time together.

5. When insecurities eat you, refrain from eating

Couples have a habit of making relationship issues– quarrels, frustrations and insecurities– more complex by not talking about them with each other. Fights prompt men to drink while women find solace in chocolates, candies and fatty foods. Avoid such a situation by being expressive about your feelings and resolving such issues through proper communication.

6. Stay motivated towards fitness

Make a concerted effort to stay in shape with fitness as your priority. Stay motivated by chalking out all the parties, presentations and functions you have to attend in the coming days. You would surely want to look your best on these fine occasions. And, this will keep you motivated from giving into those indulgences towards fried and sugary foods.

It is very easy to eat junk food and gain weight, but it is very difficult to stick to healthy lifestyle to get back in shape. So, stay healthy, wealthy, and wise, always!

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