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6 Bollywood Divas And Their Secret Weight-Loss Meals

Staying fit is a work of habit and principle for most celebrities, as it enhances their ability to work and entertain their massive audiences. From strict diets to intense workouts, they make sure to be active always so that their dedication to acting on screen is never hampered. And as a result, their hard work and potential bring forth some of the most extraordinary performances that people love and cheer for.

However, food is something that becomes one of the essential foundations for all of it to be based upon. Therefore, actors take special care to ensure that they have food that suits them the best and is effective in keeping up their health and wellness. Since every individual has different requirements for staying fit, let us look at these secret weight loss meals opted by some of these top Bollywood celebs.

1. Katrina Kaif

Known for her unbreakable fitness in the entire hindi film industry, Katrina Kaif needs no introduction. Whether through her suave dance moves, nail-biting action sequences, or simply being her gorgeous self, Katrina knows her way to the hearts of her audiences. While her fitness is the talk of the town, it is lesser known to many that she strictly follows a macrobiotic diet and avoids all forms of carbs. But the meal that sets sail to her everyday endeavours comprises simple items like a bowl of soup and grilled fish of her choice.

2. Kareena Kapoor Khan

One of the most loved heroines, Kareena Kapoor Khan is a powerhouse of energy. In each performance, she is deemed to bring something new and unique from the rest. With her perfectly enviable body, she steals the hearts of her fans in no time.

To maintain fitness, she makes it a point to consume everything fresh and avoid food that incorporates a lot of refined ingredients. However, the one thing that always helps her stay fit, satiate hunger, and watch calories simultaneously is khichdi or rice-based porridge.

3. Malaika Arora

Progressing her age like fine wine, the stunning Malaika Arora has set an inspiration for millions of women to stay fit and live healthier lives. Known to all, she is a rigorous fitness enthusiast and loves to engage in yoga and pilates. Not just through exercises, but she also keeps herself fit through her food intake and loves to chalk out healthy meals for herself. The secret meal behind her amazing fitness comes from the intake of a lot of fluids, especially in the form of healthy and nutritious drinks and smoothies.

4. Bhumi Pednekar

Setting exemplary weight loss goals in her successful career span, Bhumi has made her way to the top quite effortlessly. With her brilliant acting mettle and an equally grounded personality, she is much loved by audiences of all ages.

While her massive weight loss transformation had taken everyone by a happy surprise, Bhumi, on the other hand, is a watchful eater and chooses to eat all that is healthy in correct proportions. However, that one special meal which has been a saviour for her to keep fit is a bowl of muesli and milk, along with sunflower seeds.

5. Sushmita Sen

One of the most charming and graceful actresses, and the nation’s pride, Sushmita Sen has always set an exemplary way to lead a life by her own rules. A beauty-par-excellence, she has led quite a successful acting career from day one.

Mesmerising everyone with her gorgeous smile and sheer beauty, she also necessitates staying fit in her life and keeps it up with not just exercise but also through food. An important meal that is the root of her fitness is a cup of ginger tea, egg whites, along with porridge, or a glass of fresh vegetable juice.

6. Sara Ali Khan

Stunning audeinces with her unparalleled beauty and grace, Sara Ali Khan has made a name for herself in significantly less time in Bollywood. With her charming personality and talented acting prowess, she has won the hearts of her fans across the nation. But, apart from acting, the other thing that has the actress’ minute focus and attention is her fitness. While her weight loss transformation has been something worth inspiration, even now, Sara ensures to stay fit and fabulous. Her secret meal to keeping fit is simply based on home-cooked Indian meals, with balanced portions of rice, roti, dal, sabzi and salads.

We hope these special meals, followed by some of your favourite actresses, have increased your fitness enthusiasm a notch higher!

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