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How I help in Weight Loss as a Health Coach?

Weight Loss and Healthy Weight Loss are South Pole-North Pole apart!

"I started this Weight Loss Diet but now I have Constipation and I had to quit and seek medical help."

"I was on this Quick Weight Loss Diet and now I see my Hair fall every time I see my pillow or just touch my head."

"I was on this Diet Plan that promised to help me lose 7kgs in 1 Month but it's too complex and restrictive."

I hear this all the time from people before they enrolled with me and got fantastic changes in their whole Lifestyle and Health.

People misunderstand people in the Health and Fitness space very often and it's not their fault. The bigger problem is who you give your attention to and place your trust. I try to educate the Starters and Beginners of all ages about one single thing, the first Health/ Fitness Program you follow will ridiculously impact how your approach towards your own health will be in the future.

Remember, building a Fitness Program is easy until you give attention to Fine Details of the Client.

Here are the key differences between a Health Coach and a regular Dietician or Exercise Trainer-

1. SHORTCUTS- You won't believe how many people actually fall for the claims where you can magically reduce weight without exercising or without taking proper care of the Diet. This is where things actually Start to go South! Shortcut Diets and Exercise Plans look fantastic at their cover page but are a pain, punishment & failure in the end.

As a Health Coach, I educate that the Shortcut to good health and a great body is 'Progressive' working on Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Posture and your Habits.

2. LIFESTYLE MANAGEMENT- A regular Dietician or Trainer will just put you on a program which either suited them in some way or they think might work on you with experimentation. Now, the worry is if would suit your lifestyle or not. You might want to workout only 4 times a day, you might want to have something sweet now or then but the Regular things will restrict you completely from your choices pushing you to think that things are restrictive.

I like the idea of being flexible, yet not messing with the goal my Client and I agree upon. Understanding things from a client is the key here.

3. WORK STRESS- Every working human is stressed about something or the other and it directly reflects in their Diet and Workout Pattern which is mostly absent altogether. Regular Dieticians and Trainers actually double the stress by imposing things that you cannot manage, things you can get fatigued from.

I try to get insights on your Profession, working shifts, work intensity and try to align the concept of 'putting myself in your shoes'. It helps my clients manage their time and not go beyond lines.

4. APPROACH- Every Regular Dietician or Trainer will have an approach of hook or crook in their head when it comes to problem solving, real time implications and extreme effects won't ever matter to them.

My idea to improve your Health is to help you understand Moderation and Balance. You need to know that sometimes, Less is More & not everyone wants to go extreme.

I hate to break it to you that my Programs do come with a degree of sacrifice when it comes to results at your end, but when were great things achieved without sacrifice? It's a core of everything that one wants to achieve in maybe Education, Career, Business and in our case, Health.

Thank you for actually utilising your time and going through this personal blog. If you are interested in getting yourself the best Health/ Weight Management Program, you can simply CLICK HERE- I WANT TO TRANSFORM MY LIFE & HEALTH


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