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easy body-weight + GYM  workouts | Custom Diet Plan | QUICKEST resultS

  • Perfect for any Male or Female of any fitness level who is looking for Weight Management, Toning & Shaping, Postpartum, Lean Muscle & Strength Building from HOME or GYM.

  • 100% GUARANTEED Belly Fat (main sign of bad health) reduction with a sustainable Lifestyle fix through Exercise, Diet & Daily Routine calibration.

  • Once you Purchase > Get Analysis Questionnaire (15+ metrics) > We personalise Workouts & Diet for you > Get you started with your Fitness loaded Health Journey.

  • We build these Plans based on your Work-Life routine, time crunch and individual medical hurdles (specially for WFH or Corporate Clients)

✔️  All Programs eligible for Corporate Health Reimbursement(ask for Invoice)

✔️  International Payments enabled!


If you do not have any Medical Condition

✅  Customised Diet Plan

✅  Reduce 2-3 Kgs in/ per Month

✅  4-5 Options per Meal for Flexibility

✅  No Supplements or Shakes 

✔️ Easy Nutritional Fixes 

✔️ No Harsh Fasting/ Fad Diet

✔️ Guaranteed Results


1 Month- ₹1999/ USD 24


Weight Management/ PCOD/ Diabetes/ Cholesterol/ Thyroid

✅  Custom Diet Plan (Sustainable)

✅  Easy to Follow Personalised Workout Plan (3 Phases)

✅  Progress Tracking & Accountability

✅  Medical Report Assessment

✅  Whatsapp Chat Support

✅  Guaranteed Timely Results

✅  BMI-BMR Orientation

🔥 Reduce upto 5 Kgs in/ per Month 

✔️  Fix Belly Fat, Side Fat, Lower Body Fat

💪🏻 Unique Core + Cardio + Strength Routines

👉🏻  PCOD, Thyroid, Menopause, Postpartum Friendly!

🧾  Customised for Women & Men uniquely.

⭐️  Weekly Check-in & Motivation

by Manu Gupta

1 Month- ₹4999/ USD 60


3 Months- ₹6999/ USD 84


Only 1 Spot Left out of 5 Monthly Slots



For VIPs/ Celebrities/ Entrepreneurs

✅  1 Hr Virtual Personal Training Sessions

✅  Advanced Protocol to get results

✅  Daily Nutrition Tracking

✅  Blood work analysis (if required)

✅  Video Call Support 

✅  24 hour Online Support

₹10,000 Per Session 
ℹ️ Minimum session booking: 30

Recent Reviews

As a Doctor with 12 hours of busy work, I found the program really well tailored and integrated to my lifestyle. The Diet was handled well by my assigned Nutritionist.

Dr. Srinath Madhav

🇺🇸 New Jersey, United States

I transformed my Body, Reversed PCOD, improved my posture with this Program. I like the flexibility and continuous health check by the team.


🇺🇸 Texas, United States

Loved how well my goal assessment was done and my problems were heard. I am happy that I lost my weight and reduced thyroid medication.


🇮🇳 Bengaluru, India






WORKOUT PLAN: Quick 25-30 mins at Custom home/gym workouts as per your Goal.


🥙 NUTRITION/DIET PLAN: Highly detailed Custom Meal Plan for your time routine, personal taste/ preference. Get full info on Calories, Time Frequency, Portions, each Meal's Nutrition Profile. Best in the World!


🏋🏻‍♀️ EQUIPMENT: Having No Equipment is not a problem. If you have, we design the Workouts accordingly.


📃 OBJECTIVE- The Custom Training Plan should fit in your lifestyle for better and concrete results. Work from Home, Office Going, Hybrid Work etc, each style is taken extra care of.


💻 SUPPORT: Schedule Call or Chat Support anytime.


🧷 PROGRAM MATERIAL: Lifetime Access of PDF copy of Workout Plan along with Full-Length Follow Along pre-recorded videos, Nutritionist prepared Daily Diet Plan and Tracking via Custom App.


📈 PROGRESS TRACKING: Weekly check-ins, Motivation and Progress Tracking (personally)

  • How much Weight can I lose in 1 Month?
    With a structured Program of Weight Loss Exercises and Calorie Deficit Diet, you can burn 1-1.25 Kgs each week without extreme restrictions and a balanced approach. You can burn 4-6 Kgs a month depending upon the excess amount of weight you have.
  • Do I need to stop eating my favourite comfort food like Aloo Paratha or maybe Pizza?
    Absolutely NOT. You have always been lied about Healthy Diet. It is never meant to punish your body or soul. - You just need to carefully watch your Portions, Choices and Frequency. This allows you to have any of the food items you may like on this planet!
  • Can I Lose my Weight at Home, without going to the Gym even once?
    Ofcourse yes, I Promise! - We build the Plans to be Customised on the basis of resources a Client can easily manage to keep Health and Fitness a sustainable priority. Home or Gym, the workout are designed accordingly. - For Home Workouts, you do not have to have each Home Workout Equipment available in the Market. A simple Exercise Mat and a Pair of Dumbbells(any weight) can actually be used to bring out magical results. We build a wide variety of multi-phased workouts to keep them very interesting. - For the 'Diet Plan', we believe a non-fancy and easy Diet goes a long way and fancy ingredients are mostly a gimmick. You do not need to have all the grocery ingredients to be eating right as the fitness industry sometimes claims.
  • Who is it for, Men or Women?
    - The Plans are applicable for both Men and Women as they are Customised and Personalised for the exact goal a Human has when it comes to Weight Management and Strength-Endurance Building. - They are built by certified and qualified professionals who take each detail into account for giving the best results as scientifically possible.
  • What does Customised & Personalised actually mean and are Results ensured?
    The Blogs you might have read and the Videos you might have watched are all random and targeted to Absolutely NO ONE! The fact that each individual has their own likes, dislikes, struggles, body stats, problem areas, goals, work routine, family structure and what not, each person needs to be addressed individually. We customise separately for each individual by addressing BMI, BMR, their routine sync, intensity of the goal, their comfort around food etc. This is how we keep YOU and YOUR GOAL in front!
  • What Long Term results do I expect from these Programs?
    - We help Clients reduce 4-6Kgs each Month with a combination of Workouts and Diet to be followed as customised or directed. This does depend on various factors like the amount of weight a person carries before starting, general day activity, medical issues etc. - The Workouts are unique to a degree that they help in Lean Muscle building as well which is very essential when you want to look the healthiest and strongest with all the toned glow and confident body posture. - Along with Weight Management, we also help in increasing Strength and Health Quality in general by the way we build the Diet Plan to be. - We understand that Life is busy and fast these days and we do our professional best to deliver results extremely fast with time as a limited resource.
  • Can people living outside India join the Program?
    Absolutely YES! Anyone who wants to take their health & fitness seriously can join in. I have Thousands of Clients based outside India who have achieved their desired results flawlessly. If you are confused about the Payment part, all major Credit/ Debit Cards, Netbanking, UPI and other Pay Later International mediums are enabled at the 100% secured payment gateway by leading provider Razorpay.



Learn More

The Training Plan is built with a Strategic placement of Exercises based on their muscle engagement, cell stimulation & body's ability to achieve its optimum balance. It is divided into Phases where you not only break monotony but also enhance your body dynamics and feel the strong change.

The workouts are an unrivalled mix of Cardio, Resistance, Core, Strength & Functional Movements which are built on evidence & experience based logs.

The Workout Plan is customised with a pursuit to help you Lose Fat, Increase Metabolism, Build Lean Muscle and elevate your Fitness Levels to new heights while you achieve your goal. 

  • 5-6 Days a Week Split

  • 25-30 min Workouts

  • 75+ Ultimate Exercises(Flagship PRO Program)  

  • Rest & Hydration Instructions

  • Complete Mobility and Flexibility routine included in the Program

  • Home or Gym choice(personalised based on your requirement)

  • Science based Tricks to decrease Time-to-Goal Ratio


  • You get a Hyper customised Diet Plan based on your Food Profile(VEG or NON-VEG) with respect to food allergies, appetite, comfort of meal frequency and time scheduled to any given day.

  • As it is a Custom Diet Plan, it will have food options based on your current geography or where you belong. The Diet Plan is built with respect to your Time, Work Convenience, Family atmosphere or your personal struggles with Food.

  • You will have a Quick and Easy to Prepare Meal Plan with complete Macro Information split along with options of food item to have in each and every meal along with its calculated quantity.

  • This also includes a complete list of things to avoid, ingredients to use, water intake and other important instructions.

  • Handpicked Meal types to maintain a stable metabolism rate and have a sustainable diet as well.


We ask for the crucial details at the very first step(moment you enrol with us). The details we ask for are Weight, Height, Gender, Location, Work Type, Fitness Level, Food Profile, Medical Issues, Qualitative Goal, Average Food Intake, Food Allergies, Resource Availability, Medical Reports(if applicable).

This helps us determine the following-

  • BMR

  • BMI

  • Muscle Mass

  • Bone Density

  • Water Weight

Based on the above, your Program gets built & prepared with relentless attention to detail.

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