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for high value seeking individuals only!

  • For individuals looking to transform their body, health and mindset with constant touch-points

  • Suitable for special events that require optimum level of care infused attention (wedding or any special occasion) and certain life phases (pre-natal, postpartum, critical diagnosis, lifestyle disease etc)

  • Recent client portfolio consists HNIs, celebrity families, powerful executives, women & men in business etc.

  • Strictly limited to 2 individuals/ 1 family per month with dedicated daily communication protocol 

  • Program Thesis- Dynamic decision making, serious accountability, relentless regularity and high yield outcome


For VIPs/ Celebrities/ Entrepreneurs

✅  1 Hr Virtual Personal Training Sessions

✅  Advanced Protocol to get results

✅  Daily Nutrition Tracking

✅  Blood work analysis (if required)

✅  Video Call Support 

✅  24 hour Online Support

₹10,000 / USD 125 Per Session 
ℹ️ Minimum session booking: 30

How it works:

WORKOUT PLAN: Quick 25-30 mins at Custom home/gym workouts as per your Goal.


🥙 NUTRITION/DIET PLAN: Highly detailed Custom Meal Plan for your time routine, personal taste/ preference. Get full info on Calories, Time Frequency, Portions, each Meal's Nutrition Profile. Best in the World!


🏋🏻‍♀️ EQUIPMENT: Having No Equipment is not a problem. If you have, we design the Workouts accordingly.


📃 OBJECTIVE- The Custom Training Plan should fit in your lifestyle for better and concrete results. Work from Home, Office Going, Hybrid Work etc, each style is taken extra care of.


💻 SUPPORT: Schedule Call or Chat Support anytime.


🧷 PROGRAM MATERIAL: Lifetime Access of PDF copy of Workout Plan along with Full-Length Follow Along pre-recorded videos, Nutritionist prepared Daily Diet Plan and Tracking via Custom App.


📈 PROGRESS TRACKING: Weekly check-ins, Motivation and Progress Tracking (personally)

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