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Thanks for being curious for your Health and Fitness, only a few are.
I promise to not waste a second of your time by bringing the reality of today in front of you and the potential my Program to you.

You don't need a fancy gym or hard diet for your life changing Weight Loss Transform, 3 months is all you need. No need to compromise on your favourite food, no need to do worthless fasting! 

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Build the fundamentals (Workout, Diet and Consistency) so strong that you escape being "Just OK"!


This is science & evidence based promise. Reduce Belly Fat, Shed Inches and Improve Organ & Blood Health.
Here is a simple calculation of how my clients have easily shed 8-15 Kgs in 3 months despite complications. 

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You see my brand's name is Manu Gupta Fitness for a reason. I want to create impact with ethics and my name at stake. There is a lot of BS and fake claims when it comes to health, please be aware of it.


Working out has absolutely changed my life and trust me, it will rocket boost yours too if done correctly and with proper structure. You can shed your inches/ weight/ fat from the body only if you follow the right workouts.


You have to eat quality food for decades, make sure you learn and adapt to high quality knowledge even after the program is over. That's how you will never gain back the Weight and get "bulletproof health".

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Once you Transform, you impact the family and everyone connected to you. That's how we change our bad times into hefty medical bill free Community.

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I really hope that I have been true and transparent enough with what me and my team of certified Coaches, Nutritionists, Doctors have got for you to bring a change in how your time and health is the most important asset you will ever invest in. 

Trust me, you are just some clicks & a small investment away from the start you will be thankful for!

To Enrol to the Flagship Transformation PRO program, you can simply tap the Purchase button below-


Weight Management/ PCOD/ Diabetes/ Cholesterol/ Thyroid

✅  Custom Diet Plan (Sustainable)

✅  Easy to Follow Personalised Workout Plan (3 Phases)

✅  Progress Tracking & Accountability

✅  Medical Report Assessment

✅  Whatsapp Chat Support

✅  Guaranteed Timely Results

✅  BMI-BMR Orientation

🔥 Reduce upto 5 Kgs in/ per Month 

✔️  Fix Belly Fat, Side Fat, Lower Body Fat

💪🏻 Unique Core + Cardio + Strength Routines

👉🏻  PCOD, Thyroid, Menopause, Postpartum Friendly!

🧾  Customised for Women & Men uniquely.

⭐️  Weekly Check-in & Motivation

by Manu Gupta

1 Month- ₹4999/ USD 60


3 Months- ₹6999/ USD 84


Only 1 Spot Left out of 5 Monthly Slots

All International Credit/ Debit Cards, UPI, Net Banking etc. options are available at the 100% Secure Purchase Payment Gateway.
You can avail Corporate Reimbursements with our GST invoice.

Once you enrol, you will get a payment confirmation e-mail and a Questionnaire Link where we will fetch the in-depth details about your Body Stats, Diet Details (Tastes, Veg/ Non-Veg Profile, Food Allergies, Diet Recall), Lifestyle Discovery (Time Commitments, Work, Family constraints etc.).

The Program will be designed in the shortest time possible and will be delivered via Member-Only Exclusive App and PDF Digital Files via email.


I am as excited for your Transformation as you are. 

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