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Love Handles & Belly Fat (42 step Life-Changer)

Don't go by its lovely romantic name, it might be seducing Cancer for the future.


Ahh! It's just so freaking frustrating, ugly, unhealthy & new low!

I remember it all from my "obese days". I did not want to share this but people actually held it by hand and pinched my fat side tyres & I cannot share the magnitude of humiliation. No one deserves this kind of feeling!


Every look in any piece of clothing loses its shape at the saggy waist? People stare at it? Your pictures never look stunning and you made peace to just click selfies & headshots?

It makes you uncomfortable when you sit? You buy shapers & high waist trousers to hide it? You wait for fall & winters to arrive, so that you can hide it by wearing layers? 

You cannot openly enjoy your travels by wearing freedom clothes (beach wear)?

The above comes from my personal experiences & the nuances of the tummy fat that I now hate to put on ever again.


Below is every piece of advice I could give you for losing unwanted body fat:


1.) Stop drinking alcohol. Or just limit it to 2 small drinks, once in 15 days (if you cannot just quit due to social & personal reasons).


2.) Combine Cardio and Weight Training. You'll turn your body into a fat-burning machine on autopilot when you do this long enough (1 Month minimum to see results)


3.) From Nutrition POV, eat in a 6 days small caloric deficit and 1 day maintenance calories.


4.) "Consider" a once in a fortnight 24 hour fast to help maintain a deficit over the course of the entire 2 weeks (not a hard recommendation but it functionally works to lose fat faster)


5.) Spend a lot of time sitting? Do "Cat-cows & Child Pose" 3x/week to decompress your spine stress.


6.) Build a nicer-looking face and sharper jawline by: keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth, chewing mastic gum, and reducing body fat percentage


7.) Full body workouts 2x per week minimum. This will help you with caloric burn even after your workout sessions (metabolic boost)


8.) Use these snacks to hit your protein goals: Whey Protein Shake (25g protein) or Tofu cubes/ cottage cheese (19g)  or High Protein Greek Yogurt (12g) 


9.) Drink coconut water when working out (for maximum hydra-absorption)


10.) Get sunlight daily to boost cognitive health & neural rhythm


11.) Don't commit to this for just a few months. Health is a LIFETIME commitment.


12.) Every meal you eat should be dominant in protein.


13.) Consume Whey Protein to save time spent on wondering and cooking / preparation


14.) Never sacrifice your workouts for parties/ outings or socialising in general

15.) The easiest way to get addicted to exercising is to give it time, your brain will get used to the 'endorphin release' 

Thumbnails Facebook (10)_edited_edited.png

16.) Fasting + black coffee in the morning is great for fat loss. You'll eat less and suppress your appetite (this is a personal suggestion as it works for me. if you have acidity or gut issues, abort😄!)


17.) Eat at a 500 caloric deficit 6 days per week and at your maintenance level 1 day per week to avoid plateaus 


18.) A pair of Dumbbells and a Yoga Mat are all you need to build a body of dreams


19.) Healthy eating is just as easy as unhealthy eating. Buy a load of healthy food and stock your kitchen with it to build a habitat (habits come from surroundings, change it)


20.) You don't need to follow a strict diet but rather need a Flexible Diet. Eat whole foods and prioritise protein 


21.) If you expect results instantly, you will fail. If you give yourself 3 months and just do the right things on a consistent basis, you’ll change your entire life (I live and lead by this)


22.) Develop a sleep routine. Quality sleep will make your muscles recover faster while burning fat quicker


23.) If your body (muscles & joints in particular) hurt, let them recover. Don't force a workout


24.) Morning workouts are proven to lead to healthier decisions throughout the day, especially for modern humans


25.) Follow a structured program that helps you learn what professional athletes, sportspersons & entrepreneurs do, in their fitness journeys. Short term experiments & jumping here-there is just for losers


26.) Track your workouts. Don't play the guessing game. Write in your journal, log in a tracking app or just your everyday excel, anything that goes with your workflow.  


27.) Invest in quality sportswear to feel what you do & be in the zone. I love having a dedicated closet space for my training or running shoes, t-shirts and bottom-wear). It makes me feel that workouts are a part of my daily life, just like you see and feel about your favourite party outfits 😉


28.) For Beginners: Aim for 100g of protein each day MINIMUM. If you are forward in the game, try hitting at least 1.2-1.5g of protein X your bodyweight(in kgs) to get stronger


29.) If you need to lose weight, eat your protein first. You'll get fuller faster (leaving less to no room for cravings)


30.) If you need to gain weight, eat your protein last (I got some sarcasm, yeah😁?)


31.) Force yourself to eat slower. It takes 20 minutes for your body to communicate to your brain that you're full


32.) Be patient with results and impatient with efforts (that's a universal theory)


33.) Optimise your morning routine (detox drinks, fat burning tea, walks etc are just micro parts of it)


34.) You'll never regret doing a workout when you are in a habitual momentum. "It gives me a headache when I am unable to workout on a given day, which is why I myself can never skip a workout"


35.) Most produce is grown using pesticides, leading to a plethora of health issues. Buy organic to avoid this (only if your pocket allows. Work on the pocket a bit harder to get this done)


36.) If you have full self belief that you can make this happen, you’ll be unstoppable. Believe in yourself and don't seek validation from outside (society does not want you healthy because it would contradict their sick lifestyle)


37.) Don't post workout pics for public attention, but rather accountability (studies show that once you start posting workout pictures, there are more chances for you to stay on track)


38.) If your diet plan leaves you starving, you're doing it wrong. Eat more protein.

[The Diet Plan that I have built for you has so many options per meal that you can pick from, all given hours of attention, research of my professional decade and 10000+ transformations that I have in my service portfolio]


39.) Never get fewer than 7+ hours of sleep. This is just as important as skipping alcohol.


40.) The only diet that'll EVER work for you, is the diet that allows you to eat your favourite foods in moderation. This is the exact reason why people don't adhere to their strict Diet Plans. 


41.) 9 out of 10 times, people fail in their weight-loss journeys because they give up too soon. I know it can be hard coming from a unhealthy lifestyle, family issues, health problems or sort and low self confidence maybe, but you don't have a choice but choose CHANGE over everything.


42.) There will never be a better day to start than today. At the end of the day, nothing in this elite list matters if you’re not going to get started NOW. “Oh I’ll start tomorrow or next Monday or after this ******* I got to be at” but will you? The body, shape, health and confidence you desire is closer than you think (given you start in time).


If you are smart enough to realise the true value of your health, appearance & mental clarity, I would recommend you my simple to follow 21 Days Home Challenge that will allow you to shed upto 5 Kgs, reduce Belly Fat, get back your confidence!


It will be easy, fun & rewarding, I promise.

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