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How to lose 15 kgs in just 3 months?

Evidence, experience and science based (2 min read)

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You must be thinking that I am joking and kidding around with this claim, but I'll break down it for you-

1 kgs is approximately 6600 Kcal (remember this figure)

You need to make a deficit (with planned diet) and expenditure of 1000 Kcal a day to cut 1 kg of body fat per week. You can do it with small changes in your diet, workout and daily movement alone easily.

The tricky part where things get tough is to stay on track, motivated and aligned with the plan.

The problem with your nutrition is that you probably don't understand macronutrients, micronutrients, food profiles, thermogenic effect, timing, portioning and all the nuances that it takes to stay sane & tracked in a diet. And did I mention that you do not have to quit the food you like?


You can have your comfort food and can order from outside too. But, if it isn't calculated or portioned, good luck to you.


Next is where the nutrition part comes in your food consumption (diet) when there's a need of ratios to be involved with Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats as macros.  

Then, you gotta mitigate risks and error points like cravings, unplanned outing, unplanned large meal.

Remember, an unaccounted meal can literally ruin days of hardwork alone (not saying that you cannot have Pizza, Pasta or a Burger). There need to be logic. 

For Workouts, a 100 kg human with no experience cannot do 30 burpees a day even if it is really effective at burning calories. You need to understand that exercise cannot be random.

You need to work linearly at improving your fitness, strength and endurance with continuous training (short workouts are better than no workouts).

My clients lose approximately 1 kg per week till they reach their optimal targets along with complicated non-medical constraints and mostly with health issues like PCOD, Postpartum, DR, Diabetes, Thyroid and what not.

If you are serious about shedding those extra kilos with strength gains and without compromising your foodiness, you can checkout my 3 month Transformation Program OVER HERE.

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