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·Live Class Demo

No Edits, No Gimmicks, No Video Wizardry! We got nothing to hide.

Demo Highlights:

👉🏻 Workout Demonstrated: Lower Body + Abs Workout

⭐️ Coach: Dev Thakur (17+ years experience and 8000+ client transformations)

💪🏻 Workout Intensity: Low

🤔 For: Beginners and people with mild orthopaedic issues

🏋🏻 Workout Structure: 5-10 minutes Warmup, 45 minutes Main Workout and 5 minutes Nerve Cooldown

About our Live Classes:

- This demo is just One Workout Session out of many workout types we conduct and keep changing to maintain interest & boost motivation. 

- We did not want to create a fancy impression on you with fancy video edits and aggressive claims, which is why we kept this demo raw and 100% natural.

- The Live Sessions are 10x more interactive when you workout with the coach and provide feedback.

- Your movement and form correction is something that our coaches take high care of during the sessions.

- In case you are unable to perform a type of exercise, the coach also modifies or suggests alternates appropriately to keep your motivation high.

Custom Diet Plan

Personalised for you, your goal, schedule & preferences!

Sample MGF Diet Plan.png

About Custom Diet Plan:

🔥 Through a custom Questionnaire or an Assessment form as our Nutrition Team calls it, we pick 15+ insights about your current meal structure, taste, details about your eating profile and work schedule.

👉🏻 The team then analyses it for building a sustainable Diet Plan.

🍛 We do not ask you to give up your favourite food nor do we suggest any fancy stuff that you cannot keep up with in the longer run.

ℹ️ We share as many details and information about your Diet Plan to improve your understanding for "your food". It's mostly Calories, Food Profile, Portion Sizes and basic Cooking Guidelines. 

💯 We take every detail you share with us very seriously to see you win with us. Our happiness is dependent upon yours!

If you wish to Transform your Body & take charge:



✅  Live Train 5x a Week, 6 Batches Daily

✅  Conducted via Zoom

✅  Lose upto 5 kgs a Month

✅  Beginner Home Workouts

✅  Boost Metabolism & Burn Belly Fat

✅  Learn Correct Exercise Forms

🍛 Weekly Diet/ Meal Plan

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