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Customer delight 🤩

While it's hard to measure the qualitative impact of what a fitness business does, we find our motivation fuel in customer satisfaction!

Here's the 1% from our community groups-

IMG_8792 Large.jpeg
IMG_8793 Large.jpeg
IMG_8795 Large.jpeg
IMG_8797 Large.jpeg
IMG_8791 Large.jpeg
IMG_8796 Large.jpeg

Here's some more from our reviews & ratings archives-

It's not that we get 100% positive response all the time, we get some rough feedback also which we closely look at for improvement & doing better.

For eg. we get asked to increase our batch timings (convenience), customers ask us to introduce more forms of exercising (yoga, zumba, dance fitness etc.), customers ask us to increase consultations & accountability touch points, we get asked to launch one-to-one training sessions, diet tracking features and there is a list.

No day goes without working on something that can create more value for the customer!

I don't know who has said this earlier, "We work, for the customer, by the customer and with the customer". It directly applies to our team values. 

Manu Gupta

Founder, Home Fitness Company

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