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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

The most health conscious approach for you and the new life

First of all, congratulations for this new phase of life and I would want you to know that you are a super strong female.


I have coached 300+ new moms through my programs and I know the amount of emotional stress, insecurities, unwanted weight gain, mood swings, weakness (physical), disrupted sleep and professional schedules this phase comes with.


But, I want you to know that more than 80% of the Health changes can be 'managed' if you choose the right approach and do not let impatience take over.


Rupali, age 34, managed to drop around 20 kilograms post-pregnancy by implementing these simple yet effective things in her routine- 


- She added more protein so that she could regain her strength and metabolism back


- She kept track of what she ate during the day more consciously 


- To avoid fatigue and mood swings, she planned things ahead of time 


- Begun with simple 7-10k steps of walk (daily), then started doing a little home cardio and further added low amount of weights for strength training


"it's all about the progressive approach that you need to begin your transformation with"


- Sleeping on time was difficult for her, but she managed to sleep 7 hours minimum


- She followed the New "SUPER" Mom Program as it was built for her which came with the following features-

  • Non harsh/ starvation diet (you cannot take chances)

  • Progressive Home Workouts (extremely easy to light levels)

  • Manageable food items in the diet (nothing fancy)

  • Smooth result centric approach (it's about your health at stake)

  • Serious inclusion of nourishment foods (favourable for mom & baby both)

  • No quitting of White Rice or Chapati or Bread 

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