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21 DAY Lean Pro Home Challenge (Workout + Diet Plan)

Original Price

₹ 13999 (USD 168)

Offer Price

₹ 2100 (USD 25)

Hey hi,

I simply want you to get better and reach higher potentials with sustainable methods I have applied myself, researched 100+ books and helped thousands of my winning followers and clients with. I have been able to Transform my body for once and that has been kept intact ever since. It's been a decade since I lost my 35kgs, maintained it well, built Flat Abs, got my Blood Markers optimal, studied the depth of Training, Mechanics of training at home and getting into shape, create high value content to help others and almost everything I could to help push others up in life.


My Health, Financial, Social & Time Freedom have come with my Fitness being progressive & on top priority!


It's not a program that I am selling you, in-fact it's my craft & lifetime work worth a lot more than I can justify. I found my Ikigai in my Fitness & want you to get it as well.


21 Days are enough to follow a routine, get results and turbo boost your metabolism.


Here's what you will get in my 21 Day Home Fat Loss Challenge-


1. Customised Home Workout Plan for Beginners

  • Different Exercise every day(no repeat)!

  • Includes Step-by-step Follow Along Full Length Workout Videos

  • Interactive Calorie Count Display Meter

  • Bio-mechanically Safe Bodyweight Exercises

  • Dumbbells & Band Exercises included


2. 3 Week EXCLUSIVE Diet Plan 


  • Most professional, easy to understand & follow, multi-option Meal Plan

  • Get informed Calories, Food Profile, Day Split Meals & Portion Sizes

  • Zero food restrictions (sugar, carbs or comfort food), No Meal Skipping

  • For Women & Men aged 22-45

  • Lifetime Access (to get back in shape whenever you go off-track) 


3. 24 hour Support


No need to be and stay stuck in situations where you need professional help. Wherever you find things difficult, simply reach out to us and get prompt responses with the required situational solutions (24x7).


When was the last time someone Guaranteed results? Never, right? 

The fact is, this program is the most evidence and natural method to lose weight quickly while keeping your health safe.

Your pseudo dieticians and pathetic trainers already hate me for saving "your time, money and efforts".

You deserve this independence and freedom to not be dependent on them anymore, stay out of that loop!


Thumbnails Facebook (10)_edited.png

Get in the body shape of a Winning Individual with the speed and agility of an athlete, weight normal, be in an impressive shape, run a blistering 100 meter time, command respect from friends/ family and others, all while being the most fluid and confident human in every room. 

Our body exists to move & perform physically. It is deeper than simply looking good in a mirror, it is about the complete cultivation and alignment of a powerful body, mind, and aura and the endless pursuit of greatness.


What you should expect from this Challenge?

  • Getting in Shape: Lose Fat, Improve Metabolism, Commit to something new and be progressive

  • Body Mechanics: speed, agility, mobility, durability, immunity to injury

  • Melt Subcutaneous & Visceral Fat

  • Get Flat Abs(all year round)

  • Increase Energy, Vitality, and Life Force

  • Gain Strength & Break Weight Loss Plateau

  • Elevate state of Physical self

  • Reverse Hair Fall & Make Way for Growth with optimum metabolic function

  • Sleep like a baby

  • Improve Gut Health

  • Radiant Skin

  • Cultivate Body Aesthetics & Command

  • Increased Confidence and Mental Resilience

  • Light a fiery Motivation in your heart that will never go away

  • Fulfil your Physical potential AT HOME


Inside the Program you will find:

My Exact Hybrid Human Home Program

Get a carefully crafted home workout routine that includes Cardio, HIIT, LIIT, Strength & Endurance training to turn you into your most powerful form


✅ Godsent Diet Plan (Best you will ever use)

Meant to save your time, emotions & money. You get the most efficient to get the results while safeguarding your inner health 

Experience the highest level of planning, knowledge and value with the Meal Plan


✅ Progressive Levels

A decade of experience covering both the physical and mental keys required to build your greatest possible physique in time. Skip the noise and mistakes 99% of Beginners make when they begin training and immediately possess expert level abilities.


✅ Increasing Athleticism & Improve Body Aesthetics 

A Structured Workout Program to increasing metabolism (to lose fat 3x faster), improve lean muscle, endurance, mobility, as well as bulletproofing the knees, ankles, tendons, and ligaments.

Shed stubborn belly fat burn and tone your body so well that people tell you "You have great Genetics!"


✅ Holistic Methods of Home Training

Not all Workouts work on people. Ever wondered why? It's actually the structure, intensity and method that differentiates the winners. I lost 35kgs with a method that has helped me maintain the weight ever since.


The everlasting journey of fulfilling your potential begins now!


If I were you, I would have gone with this in a flash for what it offers in value. 

It's just equivalent (approx) to spending on-

a.) One Cafe Meal for 2 OR

b.) Three Large Dominos Pizzas OR 

c.) 1/2 the cost of Zara Bag OR

d.) 4-5 cups of Starbucks Coffee OR

e.) 3 Subscriptions of Netflix 


It's the best Comprehensive Workout + Diet Plan Challenge with "all inclusive value" that you will ever invest in, I promise!


If you do not want to buy this Challenge (due to any reason) and want more FREE Value from me, here's what you can do without spending a single Rupee:

1. Chase a realistic goal (you should not lose more than 5-6 kgs per month)

2. Workout at least 5-6 times a week (Jog/ Cardio/ Strength/ Mix)

3. Reduce your carbs intake by just 30-40% and up your Protein intake by 40% and cut down calorie consumption 

4. Eat more whole foods (eating home foods helps more)

5. Limit alcohol and junk food as much as you can (like maximum)

6. Learn about your food and your nutrition requirements on internet (it will cost you months of time but hey, it will be Free!


OR if you choose to invest in your health and cut the chase, you know what to do! Just go for it & stop this experimental spree.



  • Purchase your plan.

  • Get all the Plan Assets in your email (within 24 hours).

  • Simply start on without any more delay and achieve your goals.

  • Report and Submit your results to us.

SIMPLE, right?



21 DAY Lean Pro Home Challenge (Workout + Diet Plan)

Original Price

₹ 13999 (USD 168)

Offer Price

₹ 2100 (USD 25)

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