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When was the last time you heard someone that I enjoyed my Diet Plan and it was just too good to follow?


Well, my clients tell me this all the time "Thanks for not making me quit Carbs (Chapati/ White Rice/ Bread)". Do you know why? The simple reason is that quitting fundamental foods makes our brain get repulsive and we end up losing track of results. You need to eat well in portions, controlled frequency, distributed choice of food and add some thermogenic foods (that accelerate fat burn).


You also don't need to quit on your favourite cup of tea or coffee! You need to be and execute things very realistically if you want to lose excess weight now and maintain later.


Going wrong with Diet makes:

  • your hormones lose their balance
  • your skin lose it's nourishment (face going dull & hair loss)
  • your gut develop troubles that you never had
  • possibility of your body losing it's shape (loose skin post weight loss).


To clarify, I don't care if you get your own Diet Plan from me or elsewhere, the above evidence based facts should not be overlooked as your health is to be managed for decades. I myself experienced certain things in my very own weight loss journey of 35 kgs (getting from 105 kgs to 70 kgs in just 8 months). Honestly, things go up and down and you learn a lot in the phase. 

I am extremely thankful to myself for gifting a transformation of lifetime as it has been 10+ years and I have been maintaining the weight and body composition really well.


If I were tell you the benefits of the PRO Diet I have for you, here's the 10% of the features:


✅  Customised Diet Plan 

✅  Reduce 3-4 Kgs in/ per Month easily

✅  4-5 Options per Meal for Flexibility

✅  Lose Inches without quitting Sugar or Carbs

✅  No Supplements or Shakes or Fat Burners

✅  Nutrition Rich Plan (for Skin, Hair & Cognitive Health)

✅  Easy 4-5 meals per day spread out (no fancy food suggested)

✅  Improve Gut Health (Get rid of Constipation or Acidity naturally)

✅  Get clear note of Calorie Consumption, Portion Sizes, Weekly Frequency and Profile knowledge of the food you eat 


These are just the features, the remaining 90% is just intangible:

✔️ Feel better about yourself in private & public (it's important)

✔️ Get stronger for yourself and family

✔️ Boost mental health (better sleep quality, recovery and nourishment)

✔️ Timely & comfortable menstrual cycles 

✔️ Compliments from loved ones or well wishers & jealousy from others (JK😁)

✔️ Control cravings & mood swings sustainably 

✔️ Reduce reliance on expensive clothes, cosmetics & jewellery to look good

✔️ Stabilise HBA1C, Thyroid, Cholesterol and improve blood markers

✔️ Easy Nutritional Fixes (no overspending on fancy things)

✔️ Joint Family Friendly Diet Plan 

✔️ Guaranteed Results


Isn't the list just too good and really long? It makes me want to increase the price by 10x but I am not going to do that😁. I have struggled with my weight for very long and know exactly how it feels on the inside! I am obligated to take you out of this on both humanity & professional grounds.


If I were you, I would have gone with this in a flash for what it offers in value. 

It's just equivalent (approx) to spending on-

a.) One Cafe Meal for 2 OR

b.) Two Large Dominos Pizzas OR 

c.) 1/2 the cost of Zara Bag OR

d.) 4 cups of Starbucks Coffee 


It's almost the best Diet Plan with "all inclusive features" that you will ever invest in. 


If you do not want to buy PRO Diet Plan (due to any reason) and want more FREE Value from me, here's what you can do without spending a single Rupee:

1. Chase a realistic goal (you should not lose more than 5-6 kgs per month)

2. Reduce your carbs intake by just 30-40% and up your Protein intake by 40% and cut down calorie consumption 

3. Eat more whole foods (eating home foods helps more)

4. Limit alcohol and junk food as much as you can (like maximum)

5. Learn about your food and your nutrition requirements on internet (it will cost you months of time but hey, it will be Free!


OR if you choose to invest in your health and cut the chase, you know what to do! Just go for it & stop this experimental spree.

PRO Diet Plan (Weight Loss, Non-Veg)

₹8,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,499.00Sale Price
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