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Sinful Habits That Are Stopping You From Losing Weight

We all love to have a perfectly-toned body, but not all of us are blessed with one! And, that is what makes us follow a strict diet plan or a rigorous workout session regularly. But, what if even following all these things religiously does not work?

Well, if you too face this problem and are looking for its solution, then we have something to share with you. There are some bad habits that actually affect your metabolism and stop you from losing weight. Surprised! So, let us find out what they are:

1. Staying up till late

Depriving yourself of a healthy sleep is simply not good for your intention to lose weight. Sleep deprivation causes the imbalance of two hormones in your body- leptin and ghrelin. Leptin sends signals to brain that you are full after you eat, and ghrelin stimulates hunger. Due to lack of sleep, the quantity of leptin decreases in your body, and the ghrelin levels increase. And, you indulge in late-night eating habits. So, to avoid this, make sure you take around seven hours of sleep every day.

2. Eating very fast

You might not have paid attention to this, but the speed with which you eat also matters a lot. Even the doctors always suggest that the food should be chewed food 30-40 times before swallowing. This is because, once you start eating, your stomach takes around 20-30 minutes to let your brain know that it is full. And, if you will eat too fast, you will end up eating beyond the point at which you actually would have been full. So, take out sufficient time to eat and chew your food properly.

3. Staying stressed

Stress adversely affects your metabolism and provokes you to eat more! Many researches have proved that you crave for high-calorie things, like desserts, chips, chocolates, etc., when you are stressed. So, think positive and try your best to keep away all the worries. You can even try meditation or yoga as it helps a lot to remove the negativity from your mind.

4. Staying caffeinated

While it is fine to drink a cup or two of tea or coffee per day, drinking more than that can give your weight loss regime a hitch. This way, you end up consuming high levels of caffeine that increases the quantity of the stress hormone, cortisol, in your body. And, this hormone makes you crave for sugary and fatty foods. So, limit your caffeine intake by consuming not more than two cups every day. You can also switch to healthier options like juices, herbal tea, etc.

5. Shopping from the centre aisle of the grocery store

Yes, that is the place where you will find most of the processed foods, like candies, cookies, chips, colas, etc. And, if you enter quite too much time in this area of the grocery store, you are most likely to pick something from there. So, make sure you stick to the outer lines that have fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

6. Pampering yourself with processed foods

If most of the food that you eat comes in packets, such as chips, cookies, frozen foods, cakes, etc., then you will have to wait for really long to shed those extra pounds. Processed foods have high contents of fat and sugar, which of course, are not so helpful in weight loss. So, ditch those packets and tins, and fill your fridge with healthy food like fruits, veggies, yoghurt, etc.

7. Paying no heed to water

Many people tend to ignore the body’s need of water, and do not drink unless they feel thirsty. Hence, they end up drinking very less quantity of water than what is required by the body every day. Remember, consuming around two litres of water a day does not only speed up your metabolism, but it also leaves less room in your stomach for food. And, water reduces the risk of a heart attack, keeps headache at bay, detoxifies your body, and strengthen your system to boost up your body’s metabolism. So don’t forget to water your body more often!

8. Skipping meals

Skipping your meals, especially breakfast, provokes you to eat more and indulge deeper in calories. Surprised! Well, by not missing a meal, the sugar level in your body reduces drastically and you feel low on energy. Hence, you end up craving for high-calorie food. So, make sure you eat regularly. Preferably, take smaller portions five times a day, eat fibre-rich and low-calorie diet. Also, avoid eating anything after eight in the evening.

Well, if you have been doing any of these things till now, then you now know the solution to your problem. After all, what a weight loss regime really asks for is some dedication and determination of your own for your own self. So, make sure you do not make any of these mistakes again!

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