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  • Get the Guidance & Attention you need via Zoom group Workout Sessions

  • Burn 3X more Calories & let the weight/ inches shed

  • Join and attend sessions with your own Flexible time & Convenience, No Slot Restrictions (1st in India)

  • Perfect for any Male or Female of Beginner fitness level who is looking for Weight Management, Toning & Shaping, Postpartum, Lean Muscle & Strength Building from HOME

what is included?

WORKOUT SESSION: 5 Times a Week, 50- 60 Minute Sessions with continuous Exercise Form Correction & Motivation meant to Transform your Health.

🏋🏻‍♀️ EQUIPMENT: Dumbbells (any weight) recommended but not mandatory (can use water bottle to solve purpose).


📃 OBJECTIVE: Get the best of Real-time Training experience with our Certified Live Training Coaches. Work from Home, Office Going, Housemakers, Frequent Travellers, Hybrid Work etc. each style is taken extra care of with smart exercise modifications.


get started here!



✅  Live Train 5x a Week, 6 Batches Daily

✅  Lose upto 5 kgs a Month

✅  Beginner Home Workouts

✅  Boost Metabolism & Burn Belly Fat

✅  Learn Correct Exercise Forms

✅  Conducted via Zoom

Without Weekly Diet/ Meal Plan

🏷  Original Price ₹3999/ Month

3 Months Plan- ₹2999

1 Month Plan- 1499

6 Months Plan- ₹4999



✅  Live Train 5x a Week, 6 Batches Daily

✅  Conducted via Zoom

✅  Lose upto 5 kgs a Month

✅  Beginner Home Workouts

✅  Boost Metabolism & Burn Belly Fat

✅  Learn Correct Exercise Forms

🍛 Weekly Diet/ Meal Plan

🏷  Original Price ₹7999/ Month

3 Months Package- ₹4499

1 Month Package- ₹1999

6 Months Package- ₹6899

why choose us?


Country Presence




Clients Transformed


Each Coach has at least 500 Hours of in-person Work Experience in Fitness Coaching


Our goal is to educate you on action taking and achieve high quality results with extreme efficiency


Our objective is to collectively break myths & stereotypes. Together we get better 1% everyday with evidence based fitness approach


We expertise in helping you manage your weight without any tortures or pseudo science! We live by evidence based Science

our team 💪🏻


Coach YANI

3+ Years Experience | 300+ Transformations

I am a Certified Physiotherapist, Fitness (HIIT, Zumba & Dance) Coach and a Super Motivator!


I will passionately Coach you to unlock your hidden potential and maximise performance. I will guide you to reach your Health Goals.


Coach DEV

17+ Years Experience | 8000+ Transformations

I am a Certified Fitness Coach & Body Transformation Specialist!


I will passionately Coach you to improve Body Composition & get better at Exercising right!

Random Thumbnails Square (2).png


3+ Years Experience | 220+ Transformations

I am a Certified Fitness coach & skilled in developing Fitness Programs for clients.

I will passionately up-level your Functional Fitness (Cardio, HIIT, Zumba and Mobility) and improve Bodyweight numbers!

Random Thumbnails Square.png


Nutrition & Community Head

I am a Certified Nutrition Specialist & Fitness Coach


I will guide, motivate and educate you with the best of my Community upliftment skills.

complete details...



DAYS- Monday to Friday(5x a Week)


1) Morning: 6 am to 7 am, 7 am to 8 am and 8 am to 9 am

2) Evening: 6 pm to 7 pm, 7 pm to 8 pm, 8 pm to 9 pm

RECORDING/ BACKUP ACCESS- Yes, via Zoom Recording Link for Flexible Access based on your Schedule to follow as per your convenience.


GOAL- Weight Loss, Improved Body Composition, Body Toning

COACHES- Coach Yani, Coach Gunjika and Coach Dev

ELIGIBILITY- Starters & Beginners ONLY | Women & Men | Kids 10+

FORMS- Weight Loss Special Workouts, HIIT, Functional Training, Yoga, Core Training, Home Strength Training


DURATION- 50-60 Mins Variable


SAFETY- All Workouts safe for age 15-70 years of age, People with Joint Pains (Knee, Back, Shoulder etc), Lifestyle Conditions (PCOD, Diabetes, Thyroid, Cholesterol etc) can join



  1. Make the payment to get started

  2. You'll be added to Whatsapp Community Group (members only) within 4-5 working hours

  3. Get Class/ Zoom Links, Passwords, Updates, Motivation, Tips & Tricks on the Group

  4. Start your Workouts & crush Goals



  1. Weight Loss of 2-3kgs in 1 Month

  2. Shed Fat from Belly, Thigh, Hip and trouble areas

  3. Improve blood markers, feel energetic, become confident about your looks, learn evidence based workouts, increase mental focus, control appetite and lead a longer & better Life altogether


If you have opted for the Diet Plan inclusive package, we will share a questionnaire to fetch basic details before making your Diet Plan.

1. The Diet Plan will have multiple options in each meal with Nutrition Information so that you become Food Smart.

2. Diet Plan will be Weight Management Goal oriented while not compromising on your Day's Energy, Cravings, Food Choices & Availability. 



It's a dangerous & corrupt world we live in and the idea of putting in daily hard work & critical thinking is diminishing. Together we can improve as a community & a family. I & my team expertise in Exercise & Nutrition and we promise to add the highest value we possibly can.

- Manu Gupta

Your Coach, Mentor & Friend

FOR UPI/ Paytm/ PhonePe/ GPay

How to get enrolled using UPI?

1. Pay at UPI ID- 9654302161.eazypay@icici or Scan the QR Code

2. Take a screenshot and share the picture on Whatsapp Number- +91-8810355421

3. Await confirmation & get added to Members Whatsapp group and get Zoom Link/ Updates there

For Bank Transfer-

Account Name (Current A/c)- Fitanium Healthtech Private Limited

Account Number- 629805027117

IFSC Code- ICIC0006298 (Three 0's)

Branch- Sector-8, Rohini, Delhi

Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 3.34.43 PM.png

Pay & Share screenshot on

Whatsapp Number- +91-8810355421

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much Weight can I lose in 1 month?

With our Programs that help you spend 300-350 Kcals per hour (Live workout with a Coach), you can expect to lose 4-6 kgs per month. To achieve this prestigious goal, you need to ensure- a. At least 5 workouts a week b. Diet in check (adequate protein & lower ratio of carbs) c. Active day with 10-12k steps or good alternate body movements d. Sleep & recovery for at least 7 hours

Which Plan will suit me?

Getting yourself Training + Diet Plan package guarantees fast results because there is nothing else to actually cover, if you are looking for healthy and natural transformation. 3 month Program is the most bought program as our body takes some time to adjust the new change of exercise and nutrition patterns. a. If your goal is to healthily lose 8-10 kgs, choose 3 Months Training + Diet Plan package b. If your goal is to lose 3-5 kgs, choose 1 month Training + Diet Plan package c. If you are renewing your plan after the 3 month plan is complete and everything is now under maintenence phase, choose 1 month Training Only plan

I am done with payment, what will happen next?

Once you have chosen the suitable plan and are done with payment (UPI or Payment Gateway), you just need to share a screenshot of the successful payment at +91-8810355421 (whatsapp) In our working hours, we will share the Live Zoom Session Links, Diet Plan Questionnaire and help you get started at the earliest. You will just need to have a Zoom App & make an account on it to access the links. Diet Plan will be shared via email to you well within 48 hours after you have submitted your Questionnaire.

What extra do I get apart from Training & Diet solutions?

We do not run by a robotic model (like some other companies) and like to include you in our Whatsapp Community Group where we share Motivational posts, High-Value Facts, Myth Breakdowns, Curated Recommendations etc to keep you connected to a healthy lifestyle that you can lead for decades. Humans are the most community centric species and we grow ourselves in one where interests & like-mindedness is high.

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