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21 Principles I recommend to lose fat once & forever!

From a Health and Fitness perspective!

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1. Nobody thinks about your personal health more than you. You need to create a healthy relationship with yourself.


2. Drinking calories (shakes/ frappes/ sugar loaded drinks) is a mistake and it have never helped anyone lose fat. Either switch to healthy smoothies, fresh juices, black coffee or just a protein shake instead. 

3. Your day will ALWAYS feel better with exercise. It's not just your body that benefits from exercise but it's also your brain (release of endorphins & dopamine).

4. Identify your most common pitfalls and understand the consequences. Motivation is the most common problem but in reality, it's just an emotion that will never stay same throughout. You'll need to constructively work on building Discipline and Consistency without expecting a lot at first.

Every effort of yours will compound and you will start to get mature at keeping up with your health.

5. Physique is built through intention and action. There's no magic pill.

Get yourself a Program and start with following it. In short, you need tools and methods to solve a problem and stop experimenting. 

6. Life gets easier when you respect what you see in the mirror. I did not realise this till I was able to shed my extra 35 kgs. Flat Abs and a ripped physique was always my dream till I started living it.

It's all worth it if you understand the true value of your Health.

7. It's NEVER you VS. them. It's about you vs you (on every passing day). 

You need to get better each day and build discipline in what you consume (nutrition, content, air, relationship energy).


8. Don't just lift. Don't just do cardio. Don't just run. Don't just be spiritual.

It's about BALANCE & VARIETY. It is achieved with relentlessly doing what suits 'you'.

Just don't stop keep pushing and do not get over comfortable.

9. The greatest asset to any human is pure clarity and alignment with their core values. 

For me, it's about giving out value and impact in the space I know well. 


10. I eat a very Protein dominant Diet daily for the type of lifestyle I live and the body composition I want to maintain. 

More protein you eat, more muscle you build and less cravings you have throughout the day.

Here's a High Protein Diet Plan if you are looking to improve your Body Composition & further reduce your body fat. It's separate for Indian FEMALES and MALES. 

11. If you start your day with a good Workout, just about everything feels and gets easier. 

What I believe is "A day well started is a day well lived". 

Moreover, morning workouts really help you plan your day well and you start building a better relationship with your recovery cycle (sleep pattern).


12. You can turn exercise into a spiritual practice. Focus deeply on observing your thoughts & feelings.

It happens with me all the time and I really like how well I get to connect with myself and things.

13. Do not double down on Exercise and over-fatigue yourself. The last thing you need is a long-term injury.

I see a lot of people choose Intensity over Consistency, just never adopt this idea. 


14. Track your nutrition once you have a clear Diet Plan that is balanced and flexible. You are just one step away from getting yourself a Nutrition Plan that will allow you to eat your favourite food and yet fulfil all the Macro and Micro nutrition needs.

I don't use an app and I don't measure every gram of food I eat. But, this was only achieved when I knew my nutrition through certifications and studies. Here is a Flexible Diet Plan that you can get yourself and learn your nutrition.

15. Spice it up. Your nutrition and routines should not feel boring. Keep them simple but diverse in a way that you do not derail your end goal, that is Sustainable Health.


16. It's not a race. You are exactly where you are meant to be. Don't do things for external validation. Do it for yourself and your loved ones (they NEED you to be healthy).

17. Lose that BELLY FAT at the earliest. It's the reason behind your poor health, looks, gut issues, skin quality & mental health. 

You need to have a balanced Workout Plan + Diet Plan in order to shed the visceral fat (belly fat) away.

I created this amazing Program called "21 Day Home Workout Challenge" that requires NO equipment, NO insane dieting, NO gym. You can get it at a 20% discount HERE (only purchase if you are serious about shedding your Belly Fat).

18. Go light and Go heavy. Go slow and Go fast. Mix it up, but just don't stop! (I guess that sounded like a poem, haha)


Getting back to here, don't get too comfortable with any concept. I want you to seek progress and not perfection.

19. The earlier you wakeup the easier it is to get the things done you 'want' to get done. Make a clear understanding of what you realistically want. 

Most people don't have this figured out. You need to have things planned & aligned.

Personally, my idea is to focus on Freedom (Health, Social, Financial and Time). 

20. Don't blame external forces. You choose what you become. Any other mindset is just small minded and limiting.

Invest in your self. Learn things ahead of time. Live in reality and not just on social media. 


21. Us Indians are adopting western lifestyle (obesity, processed food, loneliness, weekending, emotional eating, automation & comfort) very aggressively and it will come with consequences.

Trying being more aware of what is going on globally and how well you can adhere with your personal health. 

Thanks for devoting your valuable time and read my words till here. I would love to see you live better and win at life.


If you are smart enough to realise the true value of your health, appearance & mental clarity, I would recommend you my simple to follow 21 Days Home Challenge that will allow you to shed upto 5 Kgs, reduce Belly Fat, get back your confidence!

You can apply Coupon Code 'START20' to get an additional 20% discount as an Action Taker!

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