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Why you 'need' to consume more daily Protein?

Are you tired hearing/ reading this daily and wanna know 'why' as a layman? Here's it-

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A lot of starters and beginners from my lovely following ask me in my DMs and Comments on the short term and long term use case of eating more Protein! I get this question a lot of times and it gets tough to explain why. 

But here, I decided to write down the easiest of evidence based facts and reasons why Protein is important for Indians, especially in the modern India.


To begin, Protein is as important for a Female as it is to a Male because it's not just about building big muscles. There's a lot more to its importance.

I hope you know that India is declared as a Protein deficient nation long ago and our understanding of how Nutrition works is almost negligible at consumer level. 

Here are the 6 'extremely' important reasons why you need to consume more protein:



The immune system's ability to defend against pathogens is intricately linked to protein. Antibodies, vital components of the immune response, are synthesised with the assistance of protein.

If you have abundant protein in your daily diet, the chances you you getting ill frequently is going to reduce drastically.



Proteins contribute to the transport and storage of essential nutrients, ensuring their efficient delivery to cells and organs, thereby sustaining optimal physiological functions.

It's not just the nutrition you consume but it's also the ability of your body's absorption. Protein improves it.



Protein stands as the fundamental building block for tissues, playing a pivotal role in the development and growth of muscles and organs.

Yes, you guessed it right. The strength of your muscle fibres is directly dependent on protein intake. 



Proteins act as catalysts for numerous biochemical reactions in the body, facilitating essential processes that contribute to metabolic functions and overall cellular activity.

You will have a balanced body composition when you consume appropriate quantities of protein for the fact that your Metabolism will will improve and body fat percentage will eventually reduce.



In Strength Training or Cardio, the body often undergoes stress and strain. Protein's reparative function becomes crucial in addressing tissue damage and improving recovery.

It is immensely important for your Hair, Nails and Skin quality as all these have a tendency to shed and rebuild. 



Protein's influence extends to the maintenance of the body's acid-base balance, a critical factor in preserving the optimal pH required for various biochemical reactions. Thanks a lot for reading till the End and all the best for your goals.


I really appreciate you for reading this out. I wish you the best of health.


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