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Yes, the fitness game is hard until you have got the perfect mentor to guide you through the challenges that can come across your own journey but all until the Perfect Plan.

I will make you a perfect blueprint that will cut short your Time involvement and give you the desired results without burning a whole in your pocked, right from your Home.

I am going to Support you through your Transformation whether you have ever done a single exercise or not.

Taking Action is the
best Shortcut!
-Manu Gupta



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11 years of Training Experience

Trained and Coached more than 200 Clients

Certificates and Qualifications


Client base in 40+ Countries

My Story

I was neither fit/ attractive/ psychologically smart or socially confident till I decided to Transform myself into a total new being!

I used to weight 105 freaking Kgs at 5 Feet 8 inches height and looked like an ill shaped ginger back in time. 

The fact that I ate almost everything in my way, whenever I could, it made me highly inactive and a fat ass. My waistline used to measure 40 odd inches with every bottom-wear I wore getting shapeless & I could never find the right fits (world is cruel for the fat).

With being obese comes tremendous amount of bullying on the social front (specially friend circle) that you get directly or indirectly by literally everyone in the world (it's in their eyes and behaviour even if they don't say it). I can barely think of putting the feelings into words but it feels terrible and self doubting!

I did not know much about Mental Health back then but all I knew was that I had self-doubt and extremely low confidence to face anyone and everyone. My clothes would always fit tight and I remember to see nothing but bulges all over my body.

Being a male, having 'man boobs/ loose chest' is something from another dimension when it comes to getting bullied and touched (yeah, it's true). 

I used to be in a trauma and wanted to change but the urge was never enough to take necessary steps. I remember being comfortable with the way I looked, felt and carried my life. I always told myself that this is how it is and not everybody is meant to be in shape or good health (I could barely think of trying a pushup, pull-up or a squat in-fact).

I used hate the fact that we had "Weight Loss" as a topic of discussion often and I knew that it was indirectly pointed towards me in family discussions, people coming over for a visit or just anywhere.

About attraction in terms of opposite sex, I would never talk to girls in any way because I always had that guilt of not being good looking. I used to spend extra on buying some of the better brands but I never understood the fact that looks of the clothes can never change your personality! I always had self doubt whenever I even thought of initiating a conversation.

Things became worst when I developed Smoking as a habit along with often Alcohol consumption to distant from reality (while in school, yeah it was this terrible). Recalling all this breaks my heart even today and it feels like shit of a person that existed in me which I was okay with. 

All friends I made would be of similar habits that would just make my health and personality go south (you are your company).  

It was just before my Graduation that that I started having thoughts of changing what I had become. I really wanted to put things togethers and build myself up. The first step was to signup for a Gym and show up as much as I could. Never had a goal in mind, was never sure of a pattern that I should follow or do at the Gym. 

A couple of months down the line, Gym had become more of a culture for me. Please note, results were not big to mention or tell you about. The best thing I was doing was to consciously be there as much as I could (just show up).

I was starting to develop a relentless habit of working out. I started to read health forums, watch elaborated videos of topics that concerned me or were related to my goals. I loved every bit of Exercising and the science behind it. I remember the amount of interest I had at the time to explore the Health and Fitness world and used to spend 4-5 hours a day reading and self educating. I was fortunate to interact in communities that had people who had successfully transformed themselves into the fittest people on the planet. 

2014- 2016: Fitness & Health became my Ikigai as I coached people from internet communities before I realised it and I opened up my own commercial gym with a capacity of 300 people to make impact at scale and with focus.  

2016-2020: While most people when they taste a little success in their work spend money on upgrading lifestyle, I invested in upgrading myself my attaining certifications, qualifications and experiences in Nutrition, Exercise & Psychology. Till date I spend (rather invest) in courses, digital mentors in deep health, books that align with me, business coaches and just anything that can upgrade my skillset or my own Health before I apply in coaching.

2020 till present: COVID and lockdowns caused a massive devastation in my Gym business with us being operational for just 4-5 months in a span of 2 years with nothing but losses. team leaving me, debts piling up and darkest of times. I did not lose hope as I always see the upside and possibility to get out of dark times as I always preach.

- I learned everything around content and creating positive impact to encourage others

- I began coaching people online and transforming their lives 

- I completed my Masters in Nutritional Science degree & Masters in Sports health & Biomechanics 

- I am a certified Health Coach who is specialised in multiple fields (diet, exercise, sleep & stress management) 

Currently (as in June 2023), I am pursuing a course in Disease Management through Food (Nutrition Therapy: Public Health)

How I help

First, you need to understand the Health & Fitness industry for this. I know you don't care about it but you need to be aware of what's available to you and what/ who can actually help you or else you will get 'SCAMMED'.

I have divided this into Chapters to save your Time (that I value the most), Money, Efforts and Emotions (it does not feel great to waste money, emotionally).

CHAPTER 1- Product (Digital Diet/ Workout Plan) and Services (Support & Coaching)


A Diet Plan or an Exercise Plan can be of two types (generalised or customised)


a) Generalised Plans don't work for anyone (they are free all over the internet if you have not already tried)

b) A customised Plan which an Expert or a Coach will build for you will be based on your personal goal or requirement  

It may or may not come with their added service (support through meeting, chat or calls) as it depends on their commitment package (you will need to clarify this with them)

If you can manage financially, always get their ' coaching service' attached to the plan or else you will have the plan but won't be able to follow it for long enough and eventually quit. If you are self motivated, you can just get the plan and apply DIY.

CHAPTER 2- Study your Service Provider well

95% of the 'self proclaimed online coaches will hate me for disclosing this but Truth & Honesty is all I care about as I am not here for quick money!


Most online dieticians or trainers (as they call themselves) are good presenters/ entertainers but not the best of service providers as content creation (videos, script, social media management) takes a hell of time. Being a service provider comes with industry experience (to have worked as an organisation or at one) and work closely with clients/ customers (to deal, behave and deliver).

The talent to read, acknowledge and present a random piece of information available online is easy but place your trust wisely when you avail a service from them. 

Best analysis is to see if they themselves are fit/ healthy or sound or not. They need to post about their routines, dealing with clients, what they eat and what they do. I bet on my profession that most service providers will apply pseudo science on a client but will never be fit/ healthy themselves. Beware of large Indian companies as they are great marketing & technology organisations but poor service providers too (you will never get the details about who is actually dealing with you and what's their background) but you will get drooled over their high budget AD that has a paid person talking about their transformation. 

They will always need to get their next customer, even if they have to ditch you (that's the state of online coaching literally)

CHAPTER 3- Health as a service comes at a cost

I do not really like to talk about the money quotient in health but yes, you need to pay someone well enough to incentivise themselves for adding value to your health, else, you will just be someone who risked their health to save some bucks like an average person. 

Delay it or don't avail a fitness service at all, but when you do, make sure it's a good one!

I consider myself very fortunate for not having to think about money as you know I run multiple ventures in fitness (offline and online)

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